A Lesson Learned

https://acudebra.com/a-lesson-learned/ A Lesson Learned

You might have seen me hobbling around last month. I learned a lesson when delivering a Christmas Tree to my mom; when you pick up those darling Christmas trees in an urn, grab them from the bottom. Yep, you guessed it, the urn landed on my foot — cracked it and I...

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Big News But Not New To Me

https://acudebra.com/big-news-but-not-new-to-me/ Big News But Not New To Me

This hundred-page document CDC Clinical Practice Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Pain, United States 2022 was released in November. The exciting part is that Acupuncture is mentioned many times for treating acute and chronic pain. Doctors are now referring...

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Will I Be Traveling to Mars?

https://acudebra.com/will-i-be-traveling-to-mars/ Will I Be Traveling to Mars?

No, I will not. NASA and government agencies have been researching Acupuncture for the last decade. France, China, and Russia already have used acupuncture in space to treat and prevent several conditions. Astronauts can experience symptoms such as “space sickness,"...

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Detox Time Again — Start this year in better health

https://acudebra.com/time-to-detox/ Detox Time Again — Start this year in better health

Time to shed those extra pounds that are still hanging on. Here is a way to start the new year off with healthy food, you guessed it, my annual Detox Soup. It works well if you can do it for three weeks—if not, try one week. I make it during the year for a three-day...

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Five Things You Can Count On

https://acudebra.com/five-things-you-can-count-on/ Five Things You Can Count On

You can count on Acupuncture!  Acupuncture has been keeping people healthy for thousands of years. More than three million Americans use Acupuncture each year. The latest research shows how Acupuncture really works. It turns off pro-inflammation cells and activates...

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Changing Your Life in 21 Days

https://acudebra.com/change-your-life-in-21-days/ Changing Your Life in 21 Days

I know I'm not talking to you, but maybe you know someone who needs to learn how food, supplements, clean air, exercise, and Acupuncture keep us healthy. And if you do need help, there’s no judgment. Most of us gained weight and ate poorly during those first six weeks...

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Simple Solutions You Can Do At Home

https://acudebra.com/simple-solutions-you-can-do-at-home/ Simple Solutions You Can Do At Home

A stagnated Liver Meridian can lead to headaches, migraines, constipation and a bitter taste. Sour is the flavor for spring, experience adding some of the following to your meal plan: lemons, pears, apples, grapefruit, kiwi, mandarin orange, olives, pineapple,...

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CDC Says Influenza Season Still Going Strong—Possible Pandemic Happening Now

https://acudebra.com/cdc-says-influenza-season-still-going-strong-possible-pandemic-happening-now/ CDC Says Influenza Season Still Going Strong—Possible Pandemic Happening Now

Don’t be scared by what they say—Here’s why you can feel safe We have many ways to help protect you and your family. We can treat it if you do get it. Of course, you can always call your MD. Our patients who are getting upper respiratory infections or sinus infections...

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Testimonial: All in the Family

https://acudebra.com/testimonial-all-in-the-family/ Testimonial: All in the Family

I have been going to Dr. Rusty since October 2017 to kick a decade long addiction to PRESCRIBED Rx pain pills. I still have fibromyalgia pain and still struggle with flareups at times, but my pain, stress, and anxiety are better managed with Dr. Rusty's help than ever...

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Self Help Techniques

https://acudebra.com/self-help-techniques/ Self Help Techniques

Remember to Breathe. The emotions for the season are fear and anxiety. Breathe in deeply, hold for the count of 4, exhale deeply, and repeat 4 times. Try to work up to a count of 7, 14, and then 32. Come to our Bliss Technique workshops and presentations and learn a...

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