You can count on Acupuncture! 

Acupuncture has been keeping people healthy for thousands of years.

More than three million Americans use Acupuncture each year. The latest research shows how Acupuncture really works. It turns off pro-inflammation cells and activates anti-inflammation cells. This then reduces swelling, pain, and stiffness. Acupuncture stimulates the conduction of electromagnetic signals which may release immune system cells and pain-killing chemicals. It helps release natural pain-killing chemicals that are as strong as the strongest pain killers. Acupuncture also helps with neurotransmitters (serotonin and others) which influence brain chemistry. 

We are very concerned about your children starting back to school—let’s get them treated now! The stress of the last few months affects children a lot. Not knowing how school starts and how it will be is hard on them and they need their tune-ups. And yes, we can help with sleep and focus-problems with kids. We do not use needles on them under the age of 8 unless they are okay with it, and many are. It creates a restful feeling during the treatment. See the video (TAKE A TOUR) to see the treatment room.

So many different conditions can be helped with Acupuncture. We are amazed every day. It reminds me why I do what I do, and I am grateful to be able to help anyone and everyone. So, what are YOU waiting for?  

And yes, you can count on change.

Your body can adapt to anything and it is helpful to know what to expect as the seasons change. Usually, symptoms for the next season come two weeks before the season change. This year they seem to be not as bad as in the past years. I think sinus problems and sneezing are afraid to show up right now. We are treating patients with headaches on the top or sides of their heads (Liver/Gallbladder Meridians) and bladder irritations (can be Kidney/Bladder OR Heart/Small Intestine Meridians). Last week people started showing up with nausea and or vomiting—that’s late summer (Stomach and Spleen Meridians). And we are still seeing a lot of dizziness and patients with the summer feeling of being “vexed”; that hot, tired, “I don’t know what is wrong with me” feeling. There is also a lot of anger and frustration (Liver Meridians or Spring season). We are now heading into late summer and the stomach problems are developing (worry and rumination), these feelings are appropriate for the times we are living in. 

Stomach/Spleen Meridians work with digesting food, building Blood, transforming, and transporting nutrients. It deals with dampness (heavy feeling), sinus congestions, headaches on the forehead, a heavy feeling or a tight band around the head, muscle cramps and aches, edema, diarrhea, nausea, and phlegm.  

You can count on your body to know how to heal itself!

Just give it the good food it needs, some exercise, a little love, some acupuncture and watch the miracle as the chi starts moving and notice the health flow in.

The flavor of this season is sweet. People LOVE ice cream this time of year. Ice cream is damp and it causes our blood sugar to drop during the night. If you eat it—do so right after dinner, not before bed and add nuts or eat a protein with it (eggs, cheese, and meat). The best foods for the next two months are barley, celery, clams, adzuki beans, garlic, green onions, green tea, horseradish, lettuce, mushrooms, parsley, pumpkin, and radishes

Watercress is a very nutrient-dense vegetable and has 17 nutrients, fiber, protein besides vitamins and minerals. As always organic is best and we can get it in our local food stores. You can put it in your salad or gluten-free bread sandwiches. It can also be used in a stir fry or soups. 

Cucumbers are mostly water, so they have a cooling effect as well as antioxidant flavonoids, B vitamins and may also help reduce inflammation. Tomatoes also have flavonoids; one of them is Lycopene which helps the prostate (better when it is cooked as sauce or paste).

Organic tomatoes contain much more Vitamin C than non-organic. A favorite this time of the year is Watermelon. It is also anti-inflammatory, has nutrients (potassium, magnesium), Vitamin C, A, and B6—all which help with that worn-out vexed feeling which comes from dehydration. It has 46 calories but is high in sugar so only eat a small amount.

My favorite vegetable is avocado—it is easy to get most of the year and is very inexpensive. It can be non-organic due to the thick skin and just half of an Avocado can make you feel fuller—in a study, 40% reported feeling less hungry within three hours after the meal. Avocados may also help keep blood sugar levels from dropping and even though it does have fat, it is good fat. This is essential for all humans as are fish oils. Studies have shown it decreases serum total cholesterol. It doesn’t taste like much, but I add hot sauce, lemon, mayo, or salad dressing and use it when making guacamole and include it in gluten-free sandwiches. Look for ways to incorporate them into your daily diet.

Try to get seven servings of veggies a day as well as two servings of low glycemic index fruits. Horseradish is great for sinus congestion. Also slice a lemon, salt it, and eat it quickly to dissolve phlegm. If you wake up in the middle of the night you can email your symptoms and I will get you in for an appointment or offer suggestions—I check my emails several times a day. 

Enjoy your summer—soak up some sun safely. This looks like our “new normal.” We need to adapt, and humans are great for that. It is why we have survived throughout history.

DRINK WATER! Yes, I know you do. We do lab tests and see that most of the people are dehydrated so add more veggies and drink coconut water or our Nitro Greens from Biotics. Sometimes we do drink too much water and with sweating and urinating we lose precious minerals. Then we feel weak and maybe a little nauseous. We have a special mineral supplement to combat that—just let me know. Stay cool not only in your body but your mind and heart also. Stress just makes us feel hotter right now.

You can count on the fact that things always work out for the best!

The top emotional disorders in America are anxiety and depression. A little faith can go a long way here to make you feel better. The news is addictive and produces negative thoughts. So, try hard to not watch as much; I tried an experiment to eliminate news on the weekends and I not only felt great, I slept better and had more energy and drive. For your sanity, consider giving it a try—trust me, someone will tell you what you need to know.

Anxiety has taken over from depression. Studies show 38% of girls ages 13-17 and 26% of boys in that age group are diagnosed with having an anxiety disorder. Adults have even higher numbers, I usually see people present with anxiety symptoms in the summer but in the last two months almost half of our patients report it. Acupuncture helps and so quickly, most people feel better before they leave. 

Make sure you are taking adequate amounts of magnesium, Vitamin D, and essential fatty acids (fish oils). Also eliminate artificial sweeteners, sugars, grains, and junk foods. Eliminate or decrease the amount of alcohol, and be sure to add more proteins, veggies, and legumes.   

Most of all, you can count on ME to be here for you!

I have been helping people get healthy and stay healthy for over 21 years—you know you will get the best care in the safest environment.