You might have seen me hobbling around last month. I learned a lesson when delivering a Christmas Tree to my mom; when you pick up those darling Christmas trees in an urn, grab them from the bottom. Yep, you guessed it, the urn landed on my foot — cracked it and I experienced the worse pain ever! If this happened to you, the first thing I would advise you is to go to the ER, however, I went home and put ice on it, and missed two parties! I then took high doses of the homeopathic medicine, arnica. I added my herbal medicines for trauma, ice, acupunctured the opposite foot to move the stagnated blood and Qi, used ice, and then stayed off of it and went to see patients on Monday. Thanks to my friend Maribel who lent me her sandal for broken feet, I was able to hobble all day with only mild pain. I continued the Acupuncture regiment, added other homeopathics and herbals, rested, and missed more parties (darn it).

My point in all this is, I want you to know there are excellent alternative medicines for everything. Yes, I would have suggested you go to ER first, then come to see me — the sooner, the better. I am good as new now and have more patience for all those slow walkers in Publix!