I have been going to Dr. Rusty since October 2017 to kick a decade long addiction to PRESCRIBED Rx pain pills. I still have fibromyalgia pain and still struggle with flareups at times, but my pain, stress, and anxiety are better managed with Dr. Rusty’s help than ever before! My now 3.5-year-old daughter has been joining me since July 2018 (and my super skeptical husband joined shortly thereafter). My daughter Aubrie looks forward to seeing Dr. Rusty (even on the days she is shy, I swear!). They have a wonderful “family treatment room” that is a relaxing beach theme and has lots of toys to keep your little one at bay. I get that you may be a skeptic…all I can tell you is that my toddler went from catching every bug at school (to the point she was barely going and I was missing work all the time) to now never getting more than a fever for a couple of hours or a 2-day cough. She has slept better and been a more balanced little girl (for what’s that worth at age 3, haha!). PS. MY HUSBAND RARELY SNORES now and is off Rx allergy meds. Dr. Rusty told me I was her 6,000th patient and that I would—without a doubt—get better. I’m not perfectly healthy yet, but thanks to her incredible care and medical cannabis, I’m well on my way. I looked all over the country for a doctor to help me… Who would’ve thought she’d be in little old DeLand. I may not want to be in Florida, but this is yet another sign we are where we need to be. Give Dr. Rusty a chance. You will ABSOLUTELY be happy you made the investment in your health…it’s worth it!

This photo is from her FIRST visit in July 2018. She was 1 year 9 months. Today she is 3 years 4 months and doing sooooo much better! Even in the flu season, she hasn’t missed school! —Lauren Wetterstrom