Don’t be scared by what they say—Here’s why you can feel safe

We have many ways to help protect you and your family. We can treat it if you do get it. Of course, you can always call your MD. Our patients who are getting upper respiratory infections or sinus infections are still lower than in the past. We have only had a few patients confirmed with the Flu. We helped them get better a lot quicker than expected. If you are sick please do yourself a favor and come in for Acupuncture. We take strong precautions to keep the place very clean. My new and wonderful assistant Shelia nearly choked on the number of Lysol wipes we used this week. We treated her for the sensitivity to them and the next day they didn’t bother her at all—she was impressed.

In Oriental Medicine, we have six different types of what is commonly called Cold and Flu. When you come in, I ask normal questions; is your throat sore, headaches? This helps me pinpoint a diagnosis to use the correct acupuncture points and prescribe the perfect homeopathic, herbal and nutritional supplements. Acupuncture helps your immune system fight the Flu and remain very healthy. In school, we learned of one point that they recommend we use for the immune system and that point was identified hundreds of years ago. Verified over 50 years ago with lab work. It’s on your leg—I use it on everyone each visit. If you can’t get in, call and I will have the medicine ready for someone to pick up for you.


Cutting down on your risk of exposure is not complicated. Of course, wash your hands often as possible. Wipe down everything you, co-workers, and family touch. Phones, toilet handles, doors, steering wheels, keyboards, and toys are just a few. When you shop wipe the handle of the cart, not just the plastic part either. When you leave the store take another wipe and wipe your hands and steering wheel off. You touched things in the store, the keypad for one.

We are encouraging all patients at the sign-in counter to take a new pen and use it in any place you must sign something. My new and very effective front desk coordinator Chelsea is great at reminding people.  

I like the old brown bottle of Lysol to clean. I even use it in my laundry and dishwasher. Remember, I come in contact with sick people all day. I practice what I preach and have been very healthy all these years. 


  • Grandma was right; hot tea with honey, honey with lemon juice is great cough medicine. 
  • Chicken soup with extra garlic. Cook asparagus down to a point where it can be blended. Add salt, pepper, butter whatever you want and make a soup. You will feel better right away. I don’t know why but I have used this for years and it works. It must be blended. 
  • Extra Vitamin C helps dry up a runny nose and open a stuffed one, but lots of Vitamin C, if you get gassy then cut back a bit. There is very little if any Vitamin C in juice and too much sugar, we have it in powder form to make it easier. 
  • Pineapple helps sore throats—eating fresh is ideal, use juice as last resort. Gargle with warm salt water three times a day. Slice a lemon, salt it, and eat quickly—it dissolves phlegm. Eat soups, eggs, and cooked fruit and vegetables.
  • No raw, cold or icy foods or drinks.

Most of all call for an Acupuncture treatment as soon as you can get to us. Better yet, keep a monthly appointment from October to April. It’s only $40 and it works in keeping you healthy. We know, we see it daily. Call for your appointment BEFORE you get any symptoms. We are here to GET you healthy and KEEP you healthy!