July 26, 2018 is circled on the XYMOGEN calendar. On or before this date, we—like every food and supplement manufacturer—will have completed the task of modifying each and every XYMOGEN formula label to comply with the new rules set forth by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the Federal Register under “Food Labeling: Revision of the Nutrition and Supplement Facts Labels.” These rules took effect on July 26, 2016.


Note: The images above are meant for illustrative purposes to show how the new Nutrition Facts label might look compared to the old label. Both labels represent fictional products. When the original hypothetical label was developed in 2014 (the image on the left-hand side), added sugars was not yet proposed so the “original” label shows 1g of sugar as an example. The image created for the “new” label (shown on the right-hand side) lists 12g total sugar and 10g added sugar to give an example of how added sugars would be broken out with a % Daily Value


The new rules reflect the FDA’s respect for updated scientific information; for instance, the link between diet and chronic diseases such as obesity and heart disease. The modifications, required on most food and all supplement labels, are intended to make it easier for consumers to make better informed food and supplement choices.

We cannot change all of the XYMOGEN formula labels overnight, but we want to get started on making the mandated modifications now. So, over the next two years, you can expect to see an increasing number of Supplement Facts or Nutrition Facts boxes on our labels that differ slightly from our current labels in information, layout, and font size.

The new rules will also impact the labels for private label customers; and like our XYMOGEN labels, the updates will take place as a gradual shift as opposed to modifications of all private labels at once.

We thank you for your patience and continuing support while our team diligently works toward the July 26, 2018 compliance deadline.

XYMOGEN® Copyright 2007-2016 – All Rights Reserved

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Insights from Dr. Rusty as you start your new year!


It’s time for us to clean out our bodies from the food we ate the past 2.5 months. Here’s my favorite way to start the New Year off: healthy food. Yes, that’s right, my annual Detox Soup. You may recognize it as “Bone Soup,” except for a few days it will just be veggies. Enjoy!


My New Year’s goal is to help more people with Acupuncture and Nutrition. So many people have told me they know someone who wants to come in for treatments. I am available for phone consultations or face to face – just have them make an appointment! What we have to offer at our clinic is a way to really be healthy, to accomplish the things you want in life, to sleep well and be happy. It is all possible. I have been in practice almost 17 years now. I am not an “Aspirin,” but I do have so pretty good ideas on health!


Also it’s time for your Winter Tune-up. In Oriental Medicine, it’s a good idea to get an acupuncture treatment every time the season changes. Just one treatment. Patients that do that are really healthier than the ones that don’t. Give YOURSELF the gift of good health. And it you have not done it yet – this would be a good time to start. If you need convincing go here and read up on the countless diseases and illnesses acupuncture can effectively treat.


Winter takes extra care of the Kidney and Bladder Meridians. Is it a coincidence that the emotion for the Kidney/Bladder Meridian is fear and anxiety? In fact, it’s no coincidence.

These Meridians do much more than just Kidney and Bladder “stuff” though; they also take care of the spine, ears, head hair, brain, reproduction/sex, joints, knees and feet. Their acupuncture points go up the leg from the bottom of the foot, up the tummy and chest, to underneath the collar bone. The Bladder Meridian starts at the eye and goes up over the head, down along the spine, back of the leg to the outside of the foot by the little toe.


Patients are asking for recipes, especially “grain free” ones. I am delighted to share mine and others from patients and relatives. Do you have a favorite you’d like to share? Please email yours at debra@acudebra.com and we will include them in the “Recipe” section of our website.

Salad: Do you love it or loathe it? Funny thing about the salads we eat here at home…rarely do we use lettuce. I substitute lettuce with kale, spinach, herb mixes, shredded broccoli, sprouts of all kinds and any other veggie I find at a good price (and hopefully organic). Then, I add hard boiled eggs, beans (canned and rinsed off), nuts (walnuts are the best), seeds, olives and if possible (preferably on sale) a half to a full avocado. Sometimes I add meat, too. We eat this once a day and it can count for 3-4 servings of veggies. We try to only eat what counts as good food.

It’s important to get seven servings of veggies a day. Doc and I have never found that it’s hard to do. It’s a habit and an excellent one. Be kind to your body and try to be willing to make simple changes now. (Check out what Dr. Mercola has to say about healthy eating here.)

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51lPZw1WaOL__SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Most of my patients know I favor the “no grain” diet for three weeks at a time, and now’s a great time to start!

You can start now…and in three weeks when Thanksgiving comes, eat a moderate amount of your favorite things. Resume the “No Grains” diet Dec. 1 and by Christmas you can add grains. By now you will have found your carb cravings are a lot less. Start again Jan. 2nd, and after three weeks, pay attention to how you feel without the grains – many people have less pain and lose weight with more energy. And grains will actually taste BAD!!!!! See the food list below.

No Grains Daily Food List

  • Eat 6 servings of the following: chicken, tuna, fish, and eggs (1-2), beef, nuts (14), cheese (1 oz.) and 1 cup of beans for fiber will create a sense of fullness.
  • Eat 7-9 servings of veggies a day (lettuce can be eaten but not counted). That’s about a handful of veggies. Make a salad using new greens, kale, herb mix etc. Try new flavors. Use lemon, olive oil and or vinegar for your dressing. Check out recipes on our website.
  • Use lots of herbs & spices but limit salt. Only 1 piece of fruit a day but no juice unless it is a veggie /tomato juice.
  • DO NOT EAT cereals, grains, bread, pasta, macaroni crackers, rice, oatmeal, cakes, and cookies.
  • You can eat little red potatoes but only 1 serving 3 times a week – sweet potatoes are great and you can eat 1/2 a day. Drink plenty of water. If you are used to drinking milk – only 8 oz. a day.
  • Try Almond Milk – the vanilla flavored 30 calorie one is very popular. Limit coffee and tea – try green and herbal teas. No soy product.
  • For more information go to www.Dr.Pearlmutter.com or read his bestselling book, Grain Brain, and he has a new cookbook out, too.  You can get them online at Amazon.com or in our local bookstores. It will change your life!

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Miscellaneous sources of gluten: cosmetics, lipsticks/lip balm, medications, non-self-adhesive stamps and envelopes, Play-Doh, shampoos/conditioners, vitamins and supplements (check label)

Gluten-free grains: amaranth, arrowroot, buckwheat, corn, millet, potato, quinoa, rice sorghum, soy, tapioca, teff

‘Code words’ for gluten:

  • amino peptide complex
  • avena staiva
  • brown rice syrup
  • caramel color (frequently made from barley)
  • cyclodextrin
  • fermented grain extract
  • hordeum distichon
  • hordeum vulgare
  • hydrolysate
  • hydrolyzed malt extract
  • hydrolyzed vegetable (protein)
  • maltodextrin
  • modified food starch
  • natural flavoring (extract)
  • secale cereale
  • soy protein
  • tocopherol/Vitamin E
  • triticum aestivum
  • triticum vulgare
  • vegetable protein (HVP)
  • yeast extract


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Grains that contain gluten: barley, bulgar, couscous, farina, graham flour, kamut, matzo, rye, semolina, spelt, triticale, wheat, wheat germ

Foods that often contain gluten: 

  • bakes beans (canned)
  • beer
  • blue cheses
  • bouillons/broths (commercially prepared)
  • breaded foods
  • cereals
  • chocolate milk (commercially prepared)
  • cold cuts
  • communion wafers
  • egg substitute
  • energy bars
  • flavored coffees and teas
  • french fries (often dusted with flour before freezing)
  • fried vegetables/tempura
  • fruit fillings or pudding
  • gravy
  • hot dogs
  • ice cream
  • imitation crab meat, bacon, etc.
  • instant hot drinks
  • ketchup
  • malt/malt flavoring
  • malt vinegar
  • marinades
  • mayonnaise
  • meatballs/meatloaf
  • non-dairy creamer
  • oat bran (unless certified)
  • oats (unless certified)
  • processed cheese (Velveeta)
  • roasted nuts
  • root beer
  • salad dressings
  • sausage
  • seitan
  • soups
  • soy sauce, teriyaki sauce
  • syrups
  • tabbouleh
  • trail mix
  • veggie burgers
  • vodka
  • wheat grass
  • wine coolers

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image_2571860Eggs are a nearly perfect food, and go great with your veggie salad. In fact, when eaten with greens (not iceberg lettuce), they increase nutrients. Other nutrients are better absorbed when eggs are eaten with salads.

But remember, cooking affects the nutrients in eggs, so make soft-boiled, lightly fried, poached or scrambled eggs. “Free range” eggs have higher nutrients according to the USDA, too.

Homemade salad dressings are the best. We use olive oil and lemon juice with herbs mostly. Coconut oil is better but I find it a bit sweet.

Dark greens such as watercress, kale, spinach are exceptional. Make your greens count. Add broccoli, cauliflower, radishes and sprouts. This time of year, local produce is more available. Use low glycemic fruits (see our list on the website) such as berries. Avocados provide 20 essential nutrients including potassium, Vit. E, B’s and folic acid. Avacados also are full of beneficial fats.

Enjoy coconut water (found in the water aisle), and you’ll really feel better and ready to tackle the heat.

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Dr. Mercola had a great article recently about organic foods and pesticides.

Doc and I are like everybody else: We have a food budget. I was concerned about the higher food costs, but felt so strongly about eating organic foods. Four years ago I started eliminating grains from our diet. We did a transition process. We stopped eating cereals first. That saved $4 a week. I substituted eggs (local or organic) with veggies and lean meat or cheese.

We also use the FIT FOOD by Xymogen (available at our clinic) most days. We switched from cows milk to almond milk (same price). With the FIT FOOD (taken at 6:30 a.m.) we realized we were not experiencing a blood sugar slump around 10 a.m. (so no snack needed!), and were barely ready for lunch at 12:30 p.m.

Each week, I stopped buying one GMO-processed veggie filled with pesticides, and replaced it with an organic one. After a month, I noticed our food bill did NOT increase. I also noticed I was not throwing away veggies that were hard one day and then rotten two days later. The best thing was the organic vegetable tasted much better. It took two years to continue this process. Still, our food bill is the same as it was four years ago. We are healthier, have no joint pains and sleep better.

The best change was to organic butter – WOW – what a different taste!

Most of our organic food comes from the local stores and the DeLand Natural Market. We have belonged to local co-ops and that was the best place for the freshest food.

What’s your organic food experience? Let us know on our Facebook page and we’ll share it!

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“I believe people are finally taking responsibly for their health more, and we need to do just that.” Dr. Rusty

Do you recall how last year, at this same time, it was cooler. As a matter of fact, just last week we had some of the hottest days in three years!

Labor Day is here and in lots of states that says summer is over, but it’s not over here, for sure! But, there’s also something interesting that happens around this time of year. Patients come in with different symptoms. We’re still treating nausea, a tight band feeling around heads and a general hot yucky feeling (late summer Spleen & Stomach Meridians).  In addition, this past week, people have started showing up with sinus, constipation and skin rashes. Usually this happens closer to the actual date of autumn.

The Lung meridian takes care of the lungs and skin. The Large Intestine Meridian works with the sinuses, throat and the bowels. They are affected by dry weather. The emotions for these the Lung and Large Intestine meridians are grief, sorrow and “letting go.” Are you feeling these emotions right now?

We have noticed just in the first two weeks after school starts, children come down with “colds.”  Adults start showing signs a couple of weeks after that.  Our “regular” patients – the ones that come in monthly or every three months — are not getting sick. We’ve seen just a few mild sore throats and sinus congestion.

I believe people are finally taking responsibly for their health more, and we need to do just that.  The time to depend on a “prescription” to fix us is over! Remember, Acupuncture can help eliminate these troublesome symptoms even in a few hours. We have many homeopathic formulas as well as herbal for these symptoms and to help prevent them from coming on.  And, we can do homeopathic injections (the needle is really tiny and short) to help prevent or treat.

If you think you are catching something try the following techniques and foods to eliminate the symptoms:

  • Rubbing around your nose, around your collar bone, from your thumb up your arm to your collar bone and by the nail bed (outside) on your second finger up your arm across your neck, on your face to your nose will help stimulate these 2 Meridians.
  • Foods to eat in this season for the Lung are carrots, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, grapes, green onions, honey, olives, peanuts, pears, peppermints, persimmons, radish, tangerines, walnuts, water chestnuts.
  • To help the Large Intestine Meridian, eat tofu, black pepper, Chinese cabbage, corn, cucumbers, eggplants, figs, honey, lettuce, nutmeg, persimmons, salt, and spinach.
  • For asthma problems, add pumpkin to your diet.
  • Constipation? Add bananas, Chinese cabbage, pears, spinach and sweet potatoes.
  • For coughs, use honey and lemon mixed together, peaches, mangoes, strawberries, tangerines, carrots and asparagus also help.
  • Sore throats feel better with pineapple juice.

For more information about these meridians and much more about treating things you’re experiencing, read my books, “Sensitivities,” and “Keys to a Vibrantly Healthy, Long Life” are available at Amazon.com or in our clinic.

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Florida WinterThis beautiful winter weather has changed my idea for the newsletter. This is what a Florida winter really looks like – sunny and not too cold. The last 3 years we have been cold, windy and damp. This winter we have had a few days of cold, wind and damp. Our joints do not like those conditions and we protect ourselves by wearing warm clothes and eating warming foods (soups). Wearing hats and gloves.

In “winter” our brains tell us to go back deep into our caves (where the first people lived) and stay by the fire, huddle with loved ones and eat cooked foods.
We would not be eating oranges and tomatoes fresh from the groves or farms. We would not be eating lettuce or drinking iced drinks. At the end of the article I mention the best foods to add in winter.

We asked way too much of our brains and bodies to adapt – we have to adapt to electronics, speed and chemicals put in our food. Now we are asking ourselves to pretend its spring when we know it’s really winter.

There is a reason for going deep into our “cave” for a few months. We can regenerate new health. We can get more sleep since it gets darker earlier. Follow your bodies desire to go to bed even a ½ hour sooner than usual. When we sleep we heal. That is why I am always interested in how you are sleeping and offer many different supplements to sleep. Cuddle with your loved ones – human and furry. This stimulates feel good chemicals in the brain.

Valentine’s Day comes right smack dab in the middle of winter – good cuddle time.

You may have noticed a lot of people passing away this winter – we sure have! I’m hearing stories of how wonderful the person was. This is part of the healing process and very necessary for us. AND I have an idea – turn around and tell the person next to you how much you love and appreciate them – right now! Carry this feeling of love throughout your day. You will feel so much better and everyone around you will. Studies show if you smile or say something nice to someone even a stranger you and they will feel better all through the day. You will become less rattled or angry. Imagine – we can help heal those around us – not just ourselves. Enjoy February, our traditional month to remember LOVE!

Foods to eat to replenish our Kidney and Bladder Meridian and a Yin Tonic for winter are: Apples, asparagus, eggs, clams, kidney beans, walnuts, yams, lemons, tomatoes, dill, green beans and plums. Remember to eat six servings of protein a day (nuts, eggs, cheese, lean beef, fish, chicken and legumes/ beans).

Limit or eliminate all grains even for just 3 weeks. This has been the best meal plan I have seen. We’ve been recommending it for over 3 years now. The best “side effect” is joint pains go away. People have lost anywhere from 9 to 25 lbs in 4 months. We all sleep better and our memories improve. It’s easy to do the transition if you are WILLING to do it. Doc told someone he lost 15 lbs last year and did not know why – I forgot to mention to him we were eliminating grains!

Please help yourself and call for your Winter Tune –Up treatment. Patients that come in seasonally for 1 treatment reduce their chances of getting sick. We also have homeopathic medicine for symptoms . Just call – we can put something aside for you.

15% off ALL sleep aids in February

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Dr. Rusty Gaffney,

You have truly changed my life, and I cannot begin to thank you and your AMAZING staff enough for that! For the first time EVER I am able to go out to eat without interrogating the waiter about every ingredient used in what I am ordering… which I still didn’t believe half the time. I don’t have to spend hours at the grocery store reading every ingredient on every package of food I buy. It is truly as though I have been set free! Most importantly, I have an overall sense of peace that I have never known before. It is amazing how things you didn’t even know were bothering you can have such a huge impact on your quality of life. I am so glad that my mother found you! Thank you Rusty, from the bottom of my heart! I know you say you are just God’s instrument, but I am sure thankful for you! And for the sake of those going through the process …testimonials were such a wonderful comfort for me. Because of this, I recorded my testimonial slowly, and below is what the process was like…

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I was not a strong believer in nutritional practices but I am now. I recommend anyone to try this nutritional program and see the results happen right before your eyes. I am thankful for everything you have done for me.
Sincerely, Elena N.

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