Most of my patients know I favor the “no grain” diet for three weeks at a time, and now’s a great time to start!

You can start now…and in three weeks when Thanksgiving comes, eat a moderate amount of your favorite things. Resume the “No Grains” diet Dec. 1 and by Christmas, you can add grains. By now you will have found your carb cravings are a lot less. Start again Jan. 2nd, and after three weeks, pay attention to how you feel without the grains – many people have less pain and lose weight with more energy. And grains will actually taste BAD!!!!! See the food list below.

No Grains Daily Food List

  • Eat 6 servings of the following: chicken, tuna, fish, and eggs (1-2), beef, nuts (14), cheese (1 oz.) and 1 cup of beans for fiber will create a sense of fullness.
  • Eat 7-9 servings of veggies a day (lettuce can be eaten but not counted). That’s about a handful of veggies. Make a salad using new greens, kale, herb mix, etc. Try new flavors. Use lemon, olive oil and or vinegar for your dressing. Check out recipes on our website.
  • Use lots of herbs & spices but limit salt. Only 1 piece of fruit a day but no juice unless it is a veggie /tomato juice.
  • DO NOT EAT cereals, grains, bread, pasta, macaroni crackers, rice, oatmeal, cakes, and cookies.
  • You can eat little red potatoes but only 1 serving 3 times a week – sweet potatoes are great and you can eat 1/2 a day. Drink plenty of water. If you are used to drinking milk – only 8 oz. a day.
  • Try Almond Milk – the vanilla flavored 30 calorie one is very popular. Limit coffee and tea – try green and herbal teas. No soy product.
  • For more information go to or read his bestselling book, Grain Brain, and he has a new cookbook out, too.  You can get them online at or in our local bookstores. It will change your life!