Essential Oils: Dr. Mercola

This week on Dr. Mercola’s site (, he has information on essential oils. More people have been asking me about them recently. I love essential oils! I use them as room fresheners here in the clinic and at home. In fact, we will have a new batch for sale in the office soon. They are safe and can be beneficial for health conditions. The can help you fall asleep (lavender) and perk you up (jasmine).

I have been making a formula for people with eye problems to rub on their face. If you want to do the same, buy quality oils (I like Young Living Essential Oils, for example). I mix them with organic sweet almond oil (you can purchase that at our local health markets). And, you can buy diffusers and use them to freshen up your home and office safely! Other fragrances you can buy can be harmful and not natural (candles, sprays, etc.).

Dr. Perlmutter: Sugar and Grains

Dr. Perlmutter ( writes about research that explains sugar and grain’s effect on the brain, and how they lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.* He advises to eliminate grains, sugars and processed foods…and get exercise!

These simple lifestyle changes can help you live a healthy, longer life. They will save you and your family from heartache, too. We are a sick nation. Today’s generation of children will not live as long as their parents. That is a tragic first for our country.

One of the first steps is getting up and away from the television and computer. Remember when we only had three televisions stations to watch at night and no computers? We played and so did our parents! Or, at least they cleaned house and did yard work. Most of the problems we see in our clinic are due three things: 1) drug side-effects when drugs are given to people with preventable health issues; 3) weight problems and 3) lack of exercise. So, PLEASE, take responsibility for YOUR health and life. We can help you start. There is even an Acupuncture point for willpower, and I know where it is!

(*His views on this are not embraced by the medical profession.)

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