There are many outstanding nutritional companies on the market and there are also many that shouldn’t exist. I discourage my patients from ordering from the internet or advertised products on television commercials.

When I select a product to increase my health, protect my body and protect myself from deficiencies, I look for SEVERAL criteria. And, I do the same for products that I make available for my patients.

First and foremost, I question where the research for that product originated. Was the research from a top university or a reputable research company with years of experience such as Biotics Research? Of course, I always avoid new startup companies, like the one I heard of that was in someone’s garage. (Fortunately, that one was stopped in time.)

The FDA (and we all have our own views about them) DOES examine the vitamin and herbal companies on a regular basis, even the ones we recommend in our clinic. Xymogen Inc. is the company that produces Ossophan for calcium that I recommend. They had the FDA checking their products again just last month. Fortunately, the company received the “A” grade and has been told that when they get the international “tag” – well – that’s the highest designation available!

Many companies do not test the products they sell. The ingredients might be purchased in bulk from a mass-produced company from “somewhere,” and many products that are sold over-the-counter are from these unknown, unregulated sources. They can be the same products with different labels. I have been offered to put my own label on a bottle and sell it as my product. Why would I ever even think of doing that, when I can use a great company with the research behind them, and be very proud of being part of the educated practitioners who use their products?

Some of the companies we use also order bulk materials from companies, yet they know exactly where those ingredients came from – from day one. These ingredients are grown under strict guidelines and are all-natural. The ingredients are also guaranteed before they are introduced into production.

It is not uncommon for some companies to use ingredients from an unregulated, overseas market (even medical drugs come in from overseas). Thousands of dollars of materials were rejected because they contained mercury. If that company had relied on the supplier’s recommendation we would all be ingesting mercury!

I do my own research and make certain that the products recommended to my patients are pure, natural and well researched.

It’s been all over the news the past few weeks. Certain vitamins and minerals do not do what they claim to do. First of all, l check to see who did the study (usually a drug company). Then, I try to find out what companies they tested. (It’s never the ones I use.) Right now, one popular company is under a lot of heat with the FDA. I have not used that company in 38 years. That is when I found out their practices were not good at all. If something is made cheaply, well, you get what you pay for.

We use companies for all of the above reasons PLUS affordability. If it is still too expensive for you, ask for our help. We can always modify your program. With eating better, exercising, good mental attitudes and sleeping better – you won’t need all of the supplements. Our goal is to always – GET HEALTHY. BE HEALTHY. STAY HEALTHY.