Last month I told you I had heard the definition of FEAR, which was described to me as, “Fully Expecting Awful Results.” Boy, did that get attention! Thanks for reading my blog and emails.

As a result of that idea I shared, I  got wonderful positive words to change “awful” to a positive word. They suggested the word “awful” is changed to “awesome.” They were reading my mind!

Like Yin/Yang, negative and positive thoughts, things and events have equal space until they change. This ebb and flow continue constantly in everything — our bodies, the weather, our lives – everything! When we are in the middle of something we see as “negative,” our brain perceives real at the time. We can help ourselves through the bad times by changing directions and making different decisions.

I have been a positive thinker since I was 23 years old (for a long time!). But, I learned many years ago that simply saying positive affirmations did not fully make situations disappear. My experience was that things were awful at that time. So, I decided to acknowledge that I was in a mess, and that it would be temporary and that things would get better. My brain accepted this better and I was able to come around quicker. In other words, I said aloud or to myself something that felt real, like: “I Am Fully Expecting Awful Results and I am fearful.” Then, once I gave myself permission to realize I was afraid, I was able to replace it with, I am Fully Expecting Awesome Results.” I repeat that as much as possible, and at times, I even write or type it over and over. 

Bad things do happen to good people…that’s life. Coping with bad things can be difficult. Some people turn to drugs, alcohol, and food. But, I can tell you after 17 years in practice, after seeing more than 7,500 patients, and inserting over 1 and a half million needles, drugs, alcohol, and food DOES NOT WORK. A lot of my patients rely on prayer, and many meditate. Some exercise…and some do all three.

Talk to yourself in a positive way! We often talk so negatively to ourselves. We talk to ourselves in a way we’d NEVER talk to our loved ones! How about this month we all try to talk to ourselves as if we are the most important person in our lives. We must be! After all, we are always with ourselves.