When I started going to Rusty I already had a herniated disc and a pinched sciatic nerve from an injury in 1990. I was able to get myself out of my pain & depression on my own by coming up with my own pain management routine. For several years it was necessary for me to be home caring for our youngest son Devon, who has special needs, but finally in September of 2002 I was able to go back to work part-time. I really enjoy my job, but after 8 months in May of 2003, I had an accident at work and I lost everything good I’d gained at my new job. After finally making new friends, getting back my self-esteem and a good attitude about life, it was gone.

I was dismissed by 2 doctors who said they could no longer help me for my injuries. Another doctor wanted to do facet injections followed by Radio Frequency Lesion (meaning cauterizing the nerve endings causing the pain). This procedure did not seem like the way I wanted my pain to be treated. Over the years I have built up a high tolerance to pain and I build up a tolerance to pain medication very quickly making them ineffective…even very strong ones.

Over the past 8 months the pain has escalated and so has my depression. They got so bad that I just wanted to go to sleep & never wake up. I would try to drown these thoughts out of my head by listening to music very loud & multi-tasking so that I would not focus on the pain or ill thoughts. I could not or would not go to sleep at night because it meant waking up to face another day of pain and depression…nor was I very pleasant to be around.

My pain has been so bad at times that I could not focus on doing simple tasks or even talking to people. I could not be father or Mr. Mom to my 13 year old son or my 8 year old special needs son.

Searching for some relief from the pain, I changed my diet, taught myself and my wife Myotherapy – a form of acupressure & I used my inversion table when I was able. I started taking herbal supplements & using breathing & visualization meditation. And still all of this was not enough to escape the pain that has manifested in my body for the past 8 months.

Just when I thought nobody could or was willing to help me in relieving my pain, I was let to Rusty by fate. She really listened to my concerns and complaints of the pain throughout my body. Finally, I found someone who is willing to go the extra mile to help me. I have not been to anyone who is so committed in helping others & healing them until I started acupuncture treatments with Rusty & her staff.

In the past, most doctors & office staff treated me like a number…or just another warm body. Hurry up & wait to get me in & wait to see the doctor who only spent 5 minutes with me anyway, barely focusing on what I tried to tell them. And then after all the stress of being made to wait ridiculous amounts of time while the pain builds up the doctor rushes you out before you even realize you’ve been seen.

I actually look forward to seeing Rusty & her staff her acupuncture. NO stress in the waiting room…no hurry up…hurries up.

My family & I are so grateful for the compassion & the pain relief. I’m still a work in progress…but at least I know have hope. In my eyes, Rusty & her staff are truly rays of light that shines through my pain & suffering. She’s renewed my faith & given me hope.
Thank you, J.V