You helped me so, so much! And it is holding!! The largest improvement is regarding the fatigue and hurt all over all the time. My energy is back, now that everything I was eating and touching is no longer adversely affecting me. This is huge! I will be coming to see you very soon for ‘upkeep’ and we can catch up in person then. I recommend you all the time (you can lead a horse to water you know!) and am still planning on a special meeting. Part of my healing time was to actually take time for myself for a while. So aside from caring for family members and the occasional Reiki attunement, work a Life Basics, for the first time ever. I have been doing that! Time for me has helped too! Soon though, I feel my core has been nurtured and replenished and I will be ready to do an easy extra or two…and we will get the word out to others.

Grandpa has had several surgeries and Grandma a heart attack, but they are through this at home and doing well for 85! I do what I can, my favorite thing is to make them dinner and let them tell those stories and listen like I have not heard them 300 times already!! It is the little things, it really is! Love It!

Hmm, Rusty, they say there are Earth Angles among us, if this is true, then I would say, I’ve met the real thing in You! See you in a week or so! I look very forward to it! Shelly