I came to see Rusty if acupuncture could help me overcome my symptoms of post-polio syndrome. My biggest complains were overwhelming fatigue and stress as well as loss of muscle strength. Generally, I just did not have a sense of well-being. After a couple treatments there was a big improvement in the fatigue and soon improvement with the stress also. I started doing motion exercises and was surprised to see the return of enough muscle strength that I can now transfer from my wheelchair into bed and back into my wheelchair by myself, which I hadn’t been able to do for the last 7 years.
During this last year, I had started wearing a back support because there were days when I could hardly sit up. My worst fear were that I would have to have surgery to implant a steel rod in my back to enable me to sit up, but I have been able to get enough muscle strength back that I don’t even need to wear the back support now.
Rusty suggested that I take the sensitivity computer test, which showed sensitive to my number of substances. She is treating those sensitivities to complete her concern for my total health.
While I still have an occasional problem with stress, Rusty has started me on supplements that I believe will be of further help. I am grateful for holistic approach Rusty takes to the physical and emotional health of her patients. I look forward to seeing even more positive results from the use of the supplements she prescribed and continued exercise. L.K.