This letter is long overdue but better late than never. I would like to write our story so you can share it with others as a testimony of how much your methods work.

Miguel who was 5 when we started had severe food allergies. He was born 5 weeks early. He had a lot of respiratory complications and had to spend 9 days in the NICU. Through his first year, he slept 18-20 hours a day. He just couldn’t get enough oxygen and was exhausted all the time. He had many colds, which would turn into Pneumonia, Bronchitis or Brinquialitis. We spent many days at the doctor’s office and in the hospital. This continued till he was about two and a half. I began researching and discovered that I could help my son (and myself because I too developed many health problems due to 4 pregnancies in 4 and half years) through nutrition. We slowly got rid of animal products and sugar out of our diet. We saw a tremendous change. Miguel has never had any respiratory problems other than normal colds again. However, on the spring of his fifth year he began a continuous runny nose. It lasted through the summer. I became concerned because these months were the healthiest months of the year for all of us. The drainage was clear but continuous until nighttime. When we checked him in the middle of the night his nose would be completely clear. After much research, we found out about Dr. Gaffney and her acupuncture methods to deal with allergies. Almost six months of a continuous runny nose and Rusty was able to find that he (and I) has severe food allergies. His digestive system became so sensitive that all foods seemed to trigger and allergic reaction. We began the treatments and in only three months I saw a big change in my health. Miguel took five months and I often got discouraged. I could go on with the details but the result has been wonderful. Miguel is now a vibrant, energetic child. He needs less sleep and best of all he has a clear nose. He finally looks healthy all the time.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart; may God bless you. Sincerely, E.T.