I moved to Florida from Ohio in 1995. Soon after arriving here, I developed what I thought was a cold, but the cough lingered on calling for a visit to my doctor. I was told I had allergies and was ordered Claritin with no success. I was then tested by an allergist and placed on Allegra still no success. I was then placed on Zyrtec. The cough continued in spite of clear, negative chest X-rays.

As work my co-workers kept saying that cough doesn’t sound good, Respiratory Therapists said I sounded like I needed a breathing treatment, and my husband could not hear the TV because of my coughing.

I was desperate for relief of the cough. Then one day a friend told me she didn’t cough anymore and referred me to Debra Gaffney.

I called Dr. Rusty and my first appointment was May 12, 2004, it is now June 29, 2004, my cough started decreasing from the first visit.

Today I played 18 holes of golf with not one coughing episode. The side benefits of acupuncture are also great.

My days of buying allergy medicines are gone-with acupuncture by Dr. Rusty I don’t need them.
Thanks Debra!