When I first walked in, I was a little scared. I started to relax as Mrs. Gaffney talked to me. Besides, I have seen this procedure done hundreds of times. I have heard from many that it was effective and felt no pain.

She sat me down and had me answer a whole bunch of questions. I was receiving acupuncture “for my migraine headaches. I get them every day,” I told her. Some of the questions she asked me were, “what kinds of food do you eat?” How do you feel right now?” she added.

Then she had me take off my shoes and lay down on the bed. She said “Relax.” So, I laid there. She took twelve pulses in my wrist, she said,” Your stomach and liver pulse are very weak.” That means I do get headaches a lot. I also need to eat more often. She told me that since my liver pulse was weak I would have irregular periods. Everything she told me was true.

She started by placing the needle in the center of my forehead. She said, “it gets the qi flowing.” She placed two needles in my left ear, one in the left hand, one under my left knee, one in my left foot, then one in my right foot, the last one she put in was in my right hand. She placed the needles in me in this order from left to right side. I had a total of eight needles in my body.

Out of the eight needles, only one hurt me. It was the one in my left hand. She said, “You are probably trying to catch a cold, and that’s why it hurt.” She kindly took the needle out. At the end of the twenty minutes, I was totally relaxed and could have fell asleep. She took out the needles and told me I was ready to go. Just since my first treatment, I have not had one headache. I am going back for more. C.N.