I’ve had company ever since I arrived home from Florida, so this letter is long in coming. But, I’ve been eager to tell you how incredibly good I feel and the notice by others, especially from my family that has been given regarding how different I look and act! The BEST part of all this is the complete absence of headaches I have put away the Imitrex! That alone was worth the time and cost, but I have the pleasure of more energy, stamina and “sparkle”, as some have put it. People here wish that they, too, could avail themselves of this treatment after seeing my results. Even my husband and daughters are seriously considering a visit to Aunt Barb to take their turn! I have a friend locally who has studied herbology and muscle testing, etc. She is very interested in studying this method of acupuncture. I have turned over to her Ann Cutler’s book and the materials I brought home from your office to read. She intends, if she hasn’t already done so, to contact Dr. Cutler and find out how she can proceed. This would be a godsend to have a practitioner right here for the man who is interested.