I have just finished the basic allergy elimination with Rusty and would like to share a little of my experience. To start off with, I have been on anti-depressants for almost 2 years now. I used to have extremely bad allergy problems until I started being treated by Rusty Gaffney. I was to a point where almost everything was bothering my allergies. I have had pneumonia, bronchitis, and sinus infections many times. I also had sinus surgery to remove polyps in my sinuses in January 2001. Although the surgery helped tremendously, I still had severe allergies and they were getting worse. Before I had surgery, I had forgotten what it was like to breath normally. I was feeling extremely tired all of the time and was unable to stay working for the past 7 years. I went for allergy skin tests in November 2001. I almost went into shock from the skin test because my reaction was so bad. I have gone through several, if not almost all, prescription allergy medications. The last one I was taking Allegra 180 mg., worked ok for a while but also began to stop working. Every time I would find a medication that helped my allergies, I would begin to get immune to the medication and it would no longer help me. I was going to start allergy shots, but on the day I was going to start the shots I was again feeling lightheaded which was very common for me due to my allergies (allergic rhinitis). The doctor did not want to chance my reaction and told me to come to start when I was feeling better. I didn’t really want to do the shots, but my insurance would pay for it and they wouldn’t pay for acupuncture. I decided I couldn’t take it any longer and called to make an appointment with Rusty. In the first few visits I could tell a tremendous difference. Not only did she help with my chronic sinus trouble, but her performance of the acupuncture also helped my emotional well-being (depression), energy levels, sex drive, constipation, and most important of all immune problems. Many times my sinus trouble would lead to bronchitis and infections. I was also tired all of the time, from my body fighting off viruses or allergy problems. I used to not be able to be outside for very long (especially Nov. – April). I would be outside for 10 minutes and my nose would clog up. Now, since Rusty helped me, I have spent several hours outside with no problem. Just that by itself is a major accomplishment. I have also been working full time in a very stressful job since September 2001 and I have not even felt like quitting once. I did get sick once or twice before I began acupuncture though. I can even tell that my body is fighting off something right now. Four people in my office currently have the Flu. I am usually the first person to catch anything going around me. I have only been having extremely mild cold symptoms for two days now. It’s not going to catch me this time!!!

I even had high sensitivity to some foods. I had no clue that I had this problem until Rusty tested me. I started paying more attention and noticed that my sinuses were mostly clear (not swollen) before I ate certain foods (chicken/bread especially). After I ate these things, my nose would swell up and almost closed. After I was desensitized to eggs and chicken I haven’t had the problem since. Same situation goes for chocolate.

I have been so amazed with my progress, that my 5-year old son is now seeing Rusty for his allergies. I hope that by getting him treated early in life that he will grow up without the problems that I had as a child. I am currently even trying to get my sister in KY to come down and get treated. Her depression and allergies are probably twice or three times as bad as mine were!
I have been used to being ill and/or with allergy problems for so long that I have to keep correcting myself when talking to friends about things like playing outside with my son, peoples perfume bothering me and many other things. Oh that’s right, I can do that now!!! I don’t have that allergy problem anymore!