The ending of 2014 did not go well for me. My entire body was in constant pain, I had carpel tunnel in my left hand. (And, I should mention that at the age of 3, I was diagnosed with polio in my left leg that left me with a limp and a drop foot.)

Not long ago, my doctor diagnosed me with a pinched nerve in that leg and suggested an MRI. The MRI showed severe carpal tunnel and arthritis throughout my entire body. I corrected the pinched nerve with stretch exercises, and was given prescriptions for a muscle relaxer and a pain pill but, there was still the matter of severe pain in my body. About seven years ago I injured my back and had to use a cane to get around. After my back healed, it was easier for me to continue using the cane. The pinched nerve in my leg forced me to use a walker and the dread of a wheelchair in my future was depressing. For at least six months, I could only shuffle my feet and trying to find a comfortable position in a chair or bed resulted in pain.

My husband and I were active seniors (I am 83 years old), and suddenly found ourselves house-bound most of the time. One day, my daughter mentioned a co-worker made an appointment with an acupuncture physician and had excellent results. Having nothing to lose, I called Dr. Debra Gaffney’s office. After the first treatment, I was told I was fixable, which was music to my ears.

I recently had my 10th treatment, then every three months I will go back for one treatment to keep things working.

Today, I no longer need a walker, my fingers are flexible and, thanks to Dr. Gaffney, I am no longer on prescribed medications. Without her treatments, I would still be housebound and living on painkillers. My husband, who suffers from vertigo and cough due to acid reflux, saw my results and is now a patient, too.

We are both grateful for the TLC Dr. Rusty gives us, and also for her wonderful staff who are always pleasant and willing to give a helping hand.