Read this to ensure that you and your family stay healthy for the holidays! 

You want to feel good for the holidays, right? Are other people sick all around you? Let me show you how easy it is for you to stay healthy. Lately, we have treated sore throats, sinus symptoms, and bowel problems, just like every other Autumn. Don’t wait until you get sick to see me.

For those of you that have problems with colds, sinus congestion or runny noses with sneezing, we can help. Happily, we can shorten the duration of symptoms and alleviate the pain quicker with Acupuncture and homeopathy. In some patients, we eliminated the symptoms in four hours! 

Let me explain. I am amazed by how the patients that have been in at least every three months for Acupuncture rarely get sick, and when they did, they were not as severe as the new patients. Vibrant health is what happens when you get your tune-ups and take your supplements. Acupuncture works! It is so essential for you to come in right now at this change of season. Acupuncture and Nutrition will strengthen your whole immune system. 

Staying fit and eating right during the holidays can also be challenging. For some reason, we tend to overeat starting now to January 1st. The average American gains over 7 lbs. each year and usually does not lose it. Let me show you how you can easily change your behaviors and make better choices.  

I favor the “No Grain” diet for three weeks at a time. You can start now, and in three weeks, when Thanksgiving comes, eat a moderate amount of your favorite things. Resume the “No Grains” diet December 1st, and by Christmas, you can add grains. By now, you will find your carb cravings are a lot less. Start January 2nd again and after three weeks pay attention to how you feel without the grains—many people have less pain and lose weight with more energy. And believe it or not, grains will taste bad! Try the foods below.

Eat six servings of the following: chicken, tuna, fish, and eggs (1-2), beef, nuts (14), cheese (1 oz.) and 1 cup of beans for fiber will create a sense of fullness. Eat 7-9 servings (a serving is about a handful) of veggies a day (lettuce can be eaten but not counted). Make a salad using new greens, kale, herb mix, etc. and try new flavors. Use lemon, olive oil and/or vinegar for your dressing. Check out some recipes on our website.

Use lots of herbs and spices but limit salt. Eat only one piece of fruit a day but no juice unless it is a vegetable/tomato juice. You can eat little red potatoes but only one serving three times a week—sweet potatoes are great, and you can eat 1/2 a day. Drink plenty of water if you are used to drinking milk—only 8 oz. a day. Try Almond Milk, the vanilla flavored, 30 calorie one is very popular. Limit coffee and tea, try green and herbal teas.

No soy products. Do not eat cereals, grains, bread, pasta, macaroni, crackers, rice, oatmeal, cakes, and cookies.