I am now 77 and developed allergies in the late 1980s after living in Florida for about 7 years. In 1996, I had surgery for a deviated septum & sinus. Later I then started having heavy mucous and chronic sinusitis infections 2-3 times a year which required antibiotic treatment. Through the years I sought help from various ENT specialists, tried a variety of prescriptions, nasal sprays, allergy pills, etc., but the problems remained and I was told there was nothing more that could be done. I was miserable constantly and felt the antibiotics I would be required to take to clear the sinusitis could be detrimental to my health. At my wife’s urging, I decided to see Dr. Rusty to try the AcuSET / Acupuncture treatment. After 9 of the 12 treatments, I am off the prescribed medicines and my mucous problem has significantly improved. I am hoping the improvement continues and the chronic sinusitis infections & mucous will be a thing of the past.

G.N.C., 2010