51lPZw1WaOL__SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Winter is the season for the Kidney and Blatter meridians. Foods you can eat to replenish your Kidney and Bladder Meridian, and a Yin Tonic for winter, are apples, asparagus, eggs, clams, kidney beans, walnuts, yams, lemons, tomatoes, dill, green beans, and plums.

Remember to eat six servings of protein a day (nuts, eggs, cheese, lean beef, fish, chicken and legumes/ beans). A serving is 14 nuts, 1 egg or a piece of meat the size of your hand. Beans can go into almost every recipe and ½ cup is a serving.

Avocados are showing up in the stores and at a great price this season, too. It is a wonderful source of heart- and brain-healthy monosaturated fat and is low in fructose.  It also regulates blood sugar levels.

Besides fiber, avocados have nearly 20 essential health-boosting nutrients. You can use it as an avocado as a replacement for baking – in equal amounts. I have eaten a wonderful chocolate pudding made with avocado; you’d never know it was in there.  They also are rated low on the pesticide application, so you can buy regular and save your organic food dollars for strawberries!

I still feel the “No Grain” meal plan is the best. (We now have the cookbook available at our center).  We have seen amazing results in people who follow the No Grain meal plan. There is a transition time to accomplish it, so you may not be best suited to go “cold turkey”.  Don’t get discouraged — TRY IT. It really is worth it.  You get started by limiting or eliminate all grains from your diet, even for just three weeks. This has been the best meal plan I have seen.  We’ve been recommending it for more than four years now.

The best “side effect” of the no grain meal plan is the disappearance of joint pain. And, weight loss! People ont he plan have lost anywhere from nine to 25 lbs in four months. On the plan, we sleep better and our memories improve.  It’s easy to do the transition if you are WILLING to do it.  Doc told someone he lost 15 lbs last year and did not know why – I forgot to mention to him we were eliminating grains! And one year later, we both are still slimmer.