For over 40 years I’ve been highly allergic to penicillin, getting itchy, swollen hives whenever exposed to it. In the past decade, I became increasingly allergic to more and more things (the causes unknown to me) causing hives, even in my tongue! Then, this past summer the MD allergist mentioned that my bouts with shortness of breath, which were very scary to me, were probably caused by spasms in the bronchial tubes from an allergy! Later, during one of these episodes, I thought I’d “treat” it with a Benadryl-like antihistamine instead of the inhalers and other, harsher medication. It worked! It stopped the spasm and eased the breathing. In that moment I decided to call for an appointment with Dr. Debra “Rusty” Gaffney, having read her book and knowing someone who she’d treated with the AcuSET 10 years ago. My first testing by Dr. “Rusty” showed “sensitivities” to all 98 items except 4! After 2 1/2 months of treatment, I was tested again and out of 317 items the allergies were down to 4 and I was immediately treated for them. The next day I stopped all 3 allergy medications, just keeping a prescription on hand at the request of my allergist. It’s been a month and I’ve felt so much better I walked around outside at an art show AND cooked the entire Thanksgiving dinner (turkey was one of the high sensitivities on the first test!) without any reactions – I certainly had a lot to be thankful for! And I am especially thankful for Dr. Rusty sharing this treatment – and in a most delightful and loving environment! In one year, I have had only 1 very mild hive when exposed to something new (which I’ll be “treated” for at my next appointment), and no other symptoms since the AccuSET treatments!

Gratefully, L.A.W. January 7, 2010