My daily life has been severely affected over the past 3 years by recurring bouts of either diverticulitis or irritable bowel syndrome, with occasional severe painful episodes. I had continual problems with nausea, bloating, cramps, fullness, and some diarrhea. Regular medical advice was Metamucil and “watch what you eat”. I was discouraged about getting better and having a normal daily routine. Following Dr. Gaffney’s acupuncture and desensitization treatments, I have had no episodes of irritable bowel and no other gastrointestinal problems. I eat a regular diet. Such a relief. My outlook is now very positive and my life has returned to normal. I can plan things without worry or waiting to see how I might feel on any particular day. I would like to thank my daughter who referred me to Dr. Gaffney’s care.

A.D. (RN), September 3, 2010