Foods to eat to replenish our Kidney and Bladder Meridian and a Yin Tonic for winter are apples, asparagus, eggs, clams, kidney beans, walnuts, yams, lemons, tomatoes, dill, green beans, and plums. Remember to eat six servings of protein a day (nuts, eggs, cheese, lean beef, fish, chicken and legumes/ beans). A serving is 14 nuts, one egg or a piece of meat the size of your hand. Beans can go into almost every recipe and a half-cup is a serving.

Avocados are in the stores and at great prices. Avocados are a wonderful source of heart and brain-healthy monosaturated fat, and they’re low in fructose. It also regulates blood sugar levels. Besides fiber, it has almost 20 essential health-boosting nutrients. (Find lots more info on You also can use avocado as a fat replacement in baking (use equal amounts as you would butter, etc.)

I have eaten amazing chocolate pudding made with avocado…you’d never know it was in there! They’re also rated low on pesticide application. So, no need to buy organic avocados; save your $ for organic strawberries!