Dear Dr. Debra Gaffney,

I told you a while ago I would write to you at some time about my wheat allergy. Well, the time has come when I have done enough testing and time enough has lapsed so I feel comfortable about tell all! I told you to what extent my old body had become old reacting to just a little wheat. I mean just a crumb. I could have a crouton fall into my salad, I could pick it out and a crumb (unseen by me) would be left on my plate. Within one hour my body would be in bed. I would be suffering a lot of symptoms as though I was coming down with a strong case of the flu. I would be belching and have indigestion (which I thought was just a normal “fish stomach”) It was not a pretty picture. If you are eating while reading this you may want to stop reading until a more convenient time. (I will spare you of some of the symptoms) On top of all those symptoms the headache, which was usually the first sign is worse than the flu headaches. My body would break out in little red rashes mostly on my back and chest. My head and my groin areas would itch. My mind would lose its ability to think clearly and rationally. (Another good reason for being in bed) When the wheat passed through my system then I was back to normal.

Roberta had been after me to try acupuncture for some time. I had resisted it not only because of the money but because I did not believe in it. The chef at our hospital frequently will make special dishes just for me that was wheat-free. One day about 10 months ago I went through the cafeteria line and the chef came out to the dining area to tell me that he had made the rice from scratch (not the package deals) just for me! I went back into the cafeteria line got some rice, ate it with great delight. Within one hour I was home in bed for the rest of the day! Thinking, of course, I was coming down with some great plaque I had contracted at the hospital. When it was out of my system (usually takes about 4 to 8 hours.) I was feeling fine the next time I saw the chef, I asked him what was in the rice. His countenance blanched. He is such a caring kind person. We looked at the spices etc. that he put in — no wheat. I said, did you put any soy sauce in the rice? He said soy sauce has no wheat in it. I said some soy sauce does have wheat in it. He picked up the gallon jug. We looked on the label – the second ingredient was wheat. I was finally convinced that it was not all in my head and my imagination. I called the acupuncture doctor and made an appointment.

I asked the doctor on my first visit – do I have to have faith in this in order for it to work? She said absolutely not. So, I said OK I am ready to try almost anything. I am thankful after twelve visits I can eat whole servings of wheat and have just two reactions of all the many that I had before. One is my head will itch like I had dandruff and I will have the little red dots that used to be all over my back and chest. So I am not eating large amounts of wheat again but I can eat some and don’t have to be incapacitated for hours. So, if any of you have the same kinds of reactions to wheat, you may want to try to leave wheat out of your system or if you think you cannot live without wheat you may want to try acupuncture. I am thanking the Lord for the gift of better health through ways I never thought possible!

Interestingly enough, I was tested by an allergist (the pinprick test they do) and he assured me that I had no wheat allergy? That was a big reason why I thought maybe it was all in my head!

Blessings, Howard, February 10, 2008