There are no words that can adequately express how grateful I am to Debra Pardee Gaffney, well known as Rusty. She worked with me to regain my life. I have had a very painful, energy-draining and sleep-depriving condition called fibromyalgia for over 20 years. For the last 10 years, I tried three traditional medications for some type of relief. All three of these medicines had side effects that were intolerable. Ultimately they caused more problems than I had originally started with. By the time I found Rusty, I was also having bronchial and sinus problems which were side effects from my fibromyalgia medication. I was a mess!

Rusty knew she could help me and she was very encouraging. The first thing she did was test me for the things that I was allergic or sensitive to. With just the first allergy elimination treatment, I was able to sleep and had less pain. After completing all my treatments, I have found the person I had been so many years ago. No longer is taking a shower, fixing my hair, Or just about doing anything a painful and tiring chore. I no longer go grocery shopping one day, then put the groceries away the next day. Now life is quite enjoyable and not a tiresome, painful chore.

Along with acupuncture, Rusty did a symptom survey that discovers problems that the body has from being ill for so long. I first took whole food dietary supplements that support the body in repair and healing. Now I’m on maintenance dietary supplements to continue to keep my body healthy.

Rusty is a very talented professional who sincerely cares about the welfare of her patients. Matter of fact, the whole office experience, which includes the staff, is warm and caring and helpful.

Thank you again, for giving me my life back. Gratefully, Dolores Chase, October 15, 2007