Two years ago, for months, I was plagued with a digestive/elimination problem that my gastroenterologists could not treat. He told me to write down everything I ate, figure out what foods caused the problem, and simply NOT eat them anymore. Meanwhile, I’d heard about Debra Gaffney from several individuals including a chiropractor and a neighbor. My neighbor claimed Debra Gaffney had cured her of her asthma. “HUH? How could that be? How could acupuncture cure anyone of asthma?” was my reaction.

Then, in March of 2005, for two days I felt as if my whole digestive system, from throat to the southernmost ends, was suffering the consequences of eating the hottest, spiciest Mexican food available. Out of desperation, I called Debra Gaffney’s office and made an appointment for the next day. I got to her office, sat down, and started reading through the Acu-Set procedural paperwork that her assistance gave me. I almost walked out of her office. I was stunned and overwhelmed with what looked like an impossible bunch of pre and post-treatment protocol to follow. However, since I was already there, I stayed, went through my first acupuncture treatment with her. I followed her post-treatment rules and went home. The next morning, the “burning” sensation in my digestive tract was gone. Amazingly enough, my bowel activity was COMPLETELY back to normal. During the six-week treatment process, I realized that I actually tasted food subtleties again. I wasn’t bruising the way I used to (for example, if I even thought about running into the coffee table I would bruise.) The plantar fasciitis on my right heel (diagnosed by a podiatrist, who told me it would NEVER completely heal, and that I would have to wear arch supports for the rest of my life), suddenly was gone and has yet to return.

Before her “Acu-Set” treatments, I was taking one hay fever pill every day, ten months a year here in Sunny Florida. I was getting weekly allergy injections through my M.D. allergist. Since I finished the treatment I haven’t needed any allergy pills and I only get allergy shots once a month, but I am on the verge of NOT going back for another shot. Finally, Debra has just finished treating me for GERD (“reflux disease”) and the problem is gone.

Without a doubt, going for the acupuncture treatment was the BEST thing I have done for myself in years. I didn’t realize that my digestive problems were the result of food sensitivities, which I never realized that I had. Allopathic medicine simply doesn’t address these issues the way alternative medicine does, be it acupuncture, chiropractic, or nutritionally. I faithfully go in once a month to see Debra Gaffney for “tune-ups” and to tell her of any health issues that acupuncture might be able to help me with. The acupuncture has been incredibly effective for me. I am convinced that it should be an accepted, integrated part of mainstream medicine. Yes, I still have my primary care physician and have blood work done once a year. I still see my OB-Gyn for a yearly checkup and of course, get my yearly mammograms. However, I feel that the acupuncture treatments have strengthened my immune system and in fact, I’m not going to see my PCP quite as often as I used to. Obviously, I’m hooked on acupuncture. What do they say, something about “There’s nothing worse than a convert!”
– L.Y., Daytona Beach, FL