Staying healthy during the holiday season can be challenging. One thing to consider is reducing your stress, which we all know can be very difficult during the Holiday season. It begins in November with Thanksgiving and runs through the New Year. If you want less stress (and who doesn’t), want to be more relaxed, and have more energy, try the following ideas and techniques.

  • Receive an Acupuncture treatment—it can help you to relax, feel better, and have the energy to cope with all the holiday stress.
  • Limit the amount of news that you watch
  • Breathe a sigh of relief

Try this exercise:

Sit with your spine erect—any comfortable chair will doBe sure that you are comfortable, your back is upright, close your eyes, put a little smile on your face, and issue a sigh of relief. Ahhhhh, just let go. Ahhhhh, just let go.

While releasing your breath with the sound, Ahhhhh, just let all your thoughts go out. Ahhhhh, just let it all go, all thoughts go out on that exhale, Ahhhhh. Notice the silence after you exhale and before you inhale again, the space gets bigger. Just let it expand for a few minutes. Do at least ten Ahhhhh breaths, and you will feel very relaxed and free of stress.

Focus your attention on that quiet space after the Ahhhh and notice that it is expanding, and you are breathing less often. Ahhhh, just let go of every thought like a wave going out to sea. You will notice yourself becoming very relaxed very quickly.

Issue the ultimate sigh of relief. Do this any time during the day when you feel stressed, fearful, or overwhelmed. Then smile, with eyes closed, look up, feel loved, and connect to the power within that can make all things new. Do this, and you will be rejuvenated. Try it—you will be amazed at how fast it works.

Attend our Evening of Bliss on Wednesday evenings at 6:45 p.m. that teaches relaxation and enhanced happiness techniques.