Six years ago I was fairly incapacitated by COPD. I coughed a lot, making any exercise uncomfortable. I never missed using my prescribed inhalers four times a day. Rusty suggested I try acupuncture and, though I didn’t think it would help, I figured it couldn’t hurt. I started going to her once a week, then every two weeks and after several years graduated to once a month. During this time, several things happened. My cough became rare instead of ever-present. My endurance in walking became so much better that I stopped using the handicap tag my Doctor had prescribed, realizing others needed the spaces more than I did. Since I often don’t feel the need and forget, I use my inhalers less often.

At this time I have not changed my lifestyle in any way I can think. My diet is the same and my exercise is the same. In the absence of any other change, I think the improvement in my well-being must be due to the acupuncture.

M.P.S., May 13, 2009