Children respond quickly to Acupuncture treatments. They haven’t had years to develop degeneration processes like their parents and grandparents.

Most of the children treated in our clinic had symptoms of allergies and upper respiratory disorders. These would include but not limited to – sneezing, running nose, earaches, sore throats, red itching eyes, watery eyes, stuffing noses, coughing and noisy or loud breathing.
Digestive disorders are treated by Acupuncture also. We have treated babies 3 days old for vomiting, constipation and crying due to these problems.

Some children “seem” to have “behavioral” problems. Since children may not have the words or a way to explain how they feel, or may not know that not everyone feels this way they may “act out”. Many times this behavior is due to simply not feeling well. We can often determine the causes and fix the problem (refer to the page on how Acupuncture works).

We do NOT use NEEDLES on children under 12 years of age unless they want them (and we have quite a few). We use microcurrent. It looks like a flashlight with a red light that touches the skin. It cannot be felt and children enjoy the treatment. The Acupuncture points that are treated are on the hands and feet, legs and arms, back, stomach face and ears.

We have a reduced fee for the treatment of children – $40.00 a visit till age 16. Electrodermal testing is at a reduced fee also. We try to have a relaxed atmosphere when treating children and have been known to play with toys or read books during the treatment. Some of us remember being scared at a doctor’s office as a child and we do not want that to happen at our office.