I have been allergic to cats all my life. Within ten minutes of entering a home with a cat, I would start with itchy eyes and throat, runny nose and sneezing. It was as if I had a full-blown cold. I became aware of acupuncture as a possible cure. I must admit I was skeptical but felt it was worth a try. I felt I was sure a candidate for a possible cure.

After 2 treatments, I was headed to my son’s house where Tasker (a cat) resided. Usually, before arriving at my son Jim’s house I would start allergy medication and they would keep the cat in the basement during my stay. I always hated taking the allergy medication because it made me feel drowsy and usually wore off a couple of hours before I could take another dose.

Still skeptical, I entered Jim’s house and as soon as I sat down Tasker came and sat on my lap. My first instinct was to shoo him off, but I said “well this will be a good test, it will be either a cure or I’ll be a basket case”. Honestly, it was a cure!! I had a wonderful week and enjoyed holding and petting Tasker, something I never could do before.

C. O.