Biotics Research Corporation, an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of superior nutritional supplements available through healthcare professionals, responded to the recent report that revealed several weight-loss nutritional supplements have been reported to contain a never-before tested ingredient that’s closely related to amphetamines –– not the plant — indicated on their respective labels,– according to a Harvard-led study published online this week by the journal Drug Testing and Analysis.

“This is just the latest example that underscores how critical it is for dietary supplement companies to have comprehensive testing programs. We often feel the minimally required testing just isn’t adequate. Nearly 40 years after starting our company, we continue to see the value in consumers getting their supplementation directly from healthcare professionals,”” said Denis DeLuca, President of Biotics Research. “”Now we have a situation where supplements meant to assist consumers in weight loss have been reported to contain chemicals which may potentially be detrimental.”

The products, which were sold under various brand names in retail outlets across the country to the general public, have been reported to contain chemicals similar to amphetamines.

In response to this and other recent events, and in its continuing efforts to help educate the public, Biotics Research has prepared patient education materials for thousands of doctors around the world to hand out to their patients, as well as counter displays for each practice and clinic. (See Biotics’ Quality Control brochure here.)

“For nearly four decades we’ve worked closely with our global network of healthcare practitioners in an effort to bring a new level of awareness to patients regarding the importance of Quality Control to the source of their supplementation. It’s important for healthcare professionals to do their due diligence on behalf of their clients because not all supplements are created equal,” added Mr. DeLuca.