“I believe people are finally taking responsibly for their health more, and we need to do just that.” Dr. Rusty

Do you recall how last year, at this same time, it was cooler? As a matter of fact, just last week we had some of the hottest days in three years!

Labor Day is here and in lots of states that says summer is over, but it’s not over here, for sure! But, there’s also something interesting that happens around this time of year. Patients come in with different symptoms. We’re still treating nausea, a tight band feeling around heads and a general hot yucky feeling (late summer Spleen & Stomach Meridians).  In addition, this past week, people have started showing up with sinus, constipation and skin rashes. Usually, this happens closer to the actual date of autumn.

The Lung meridian takes care of the lungs and skin. The Large Intestine Meridian works with the sinuses, throat and the bowels. They are affected by dry weather. The emotions for these the Lung and Large Intestine meridians are grief, sorrow and “letting go.” Are you feeling these emotions right now?

We have noticed just in the first two weeks after school starts, children come down with “colds.”  Adults start showing signs a couple of weeks after that.  Our “regular” patients – the ones that come in monthly or every three months — are not getting sick. We’ve seen just a few mild sore throats and sinus congestion.

I believe people are finally taking responsibly for their health more, and we need to do just that.  The time to depend on a “prescription” to fix us is over! Remember, Acupuncture can help eliminate these troublesome symptoms even in a few hours. We have many homeopathic formulas as well as herbal for these symptoms and to help prevent them from coming on.  And, we can do homeopathic injections (the needle is really tiny and short) to help prevent or treat.

If you think you are catching something try the following techniques and foods to eliminate the symptoms:

  • Rubbing around your nose, around your collar bone, from your thumb up your arm to your collar bone and by the nail bed (outside) on your second finger up your arm across your neck, on your face to your nose will help stimulate these 2 Meridians.
  • Foods to eat in this season for the Lung are carrots, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, grapes, green onions, honey, olives, peanuts, pears, peppermints, persimmons, radish, tangerines, walnuts, water chestnuts.
  • To help the Large Intestine Meridian, eat tofu, black pepper, Chinese cabbage, corn, cucumbers, eggplants, figs, honey, lettuce, nutmeg, persimmons, salt, and spinach.
  • For asthma problems, add pumpkin to your diet.
  • Constipation? Add bananas, Chinese cabbage, pears, spinach, and sweet potatoes.
  • For coughs, use honey and lemon mixed together, peaches, mangoes, strawberries, tangerines, carrots, and asparagus also help.
  • Sore throats feel better with pineapple juice.

For more information about these meridians and much more about treating things you’re experiencing, read my books, “Sensitivities,” and “Keys to a Vibrantly Healthy, Long Life” are available at Amazon.com or in our clinic.