Hi, Per your request I am sending you a written request of your acupuncture treatment of my old broken body. I put it in your hands after treating it so bad for the last 70 years.

Recently I have had terrible pain from an arthritic condition I was diagnosed with in the 8th grade. This condition was really aggravated after laying around for over two years recouping from multiple back surgeries. The pain was worse during wet weather conditions and I was ready to move far away from Florida. My daughter, Deborah, was getting good results from your treatment of her allergies and suggested I try it. After some consideration, I decided to give it a go. My knowledge of acupuncture was “nada”.

On my initial visit, you axed the “moving away from FL” and told me you could fix it. Everything I had heard from your previous results with different patients backed up your fit its claim.

When we started the acupuncture treatment not only was I in pain due to arthritis but my whole body felt like I had the flu. Come to find out the medication I was taking for cholesterol was the culprit. I made the decision to stop the pill and along with the supplements you supplied the problem went away in about two weeks.

I don’t recall the number of treatments I have had but the results are as follows – lower arthritic back pain is gone. Severe hand pain is now very little. Sagging lower eyelid that was going to cost me big to fix is no longer sagging. All the sensitivities I had on the initial analysis is now cleared. All in all, I feel like this was a successful effort on your part plus your charges were more than fair.

Thanks “Rusty”. Regards, T.L.