I wanted to truly thank “Rusty” Gaffney and her wonderful staff for diagnosing, treating and getting rid of my allergies. Including many allergies I didn’t even recognize as such.

Every day at work I would get a headache across my forehead and a very runny nose. It always started within 15 minutes of getting there. I knew I must be allergic to something in the store. Turned out it was the ink in the printed paper bags we used at the checkout. Rusty treated me for that and now I don’t have that problem anymore.

With my curiosity aroused about some other minor ailments, I had her do the whole allergy testing series. Lots of allergies, or rather sensitivities, showed up. After being treated for them, I no longer get a stuffy head when I eat ketchup or get a bloated tummy when I eat red meat or get shaky when I eat chocolate or get a stomach ache when I drink milk, etc.! And I am not cold all the time anymore either.

Now that my body is rid of those problems I have more energy during the day, sleep more restful at night and have a better sense of overall well-being. And I thought I didn’t have any allergies! Thank you, Rusty, from the bottom of my heart.