A note from Dr. Rusty:

Acupuncture has been accepted beyond my wildest dreams. Just when I think I can’t be even more surprised – I AM!

I purchased computerized diagnostic equipment, this is the test I use for the AcuSET treatments – to identify sensitivities. I had quite a few allergies myself, and they were pretty bad. I always say I was one of my worst patients. I completed the treatments in three months back then. I re-tested and was all cleared.

I retested myself (as I do every few years) and am still cleared of ANY sensitivities. So when someone asks, “How long does this last?” I can honestly say, at least 22 years. We still have an 85-percent success rate. If you know someone that has symptoms related to allergies and sensitivities please tell them about this procedure. I have not been sick or not able to eat in restaurants or worry about smoke, perfumes, soaps or pollens putting me to bed in 22 years.