Ever wonder about the “success rate” of acupuncture? Patients often ask what kind of conditions can be treated with acupuncture, and the results we get here at the clinic. Throughout the country, acupuncture sees a consistent 85 percent success rate overall.

This past week, we received interesting feedback from patients, and it reflects acupuncture’s national success rate. We always enjoy these testimonials; they not only help us serve you, our patients, better, but they also encourage people with those problems to become patients themselves. So please feel free to e-mail your testimonials to debra@acudebra.com, which is always a great email for contacting me directly, too.

Speaking of successes, this week we saw two little boys with skin rashes. When they arrived at our clinic, they had been receiving medical treatment for three weeks. With treatment from our clinic, both are looking good, are experiencing less itching and their moods, concentration, and sleep are much improved.

This week, we also heard from a gentleman who has had pain for five years, and after treatment, it is gone. He is also much stronger.

One of my regular patients recently visited her M.D. for a checkup. He wanted to run an allergy test on her; I encouraged it. She reported they found no allergies at all! We’re not surprised; that is typical in our experience.

A man told me last week he has not felt this great in years. Our patients in their 90s also reported feeling less pain this week.

We never take these results for granted. In the acupuncture setting, those are the expected results, and side effects! Please encourage your family and friends to call for an appointment.

Why suffer?