The name of my favorite acupuncture point is P7, located on the inside of the wrist. I use this Big Picture treatment for patients who are struggling with clarification or decision making. This point is extremely helpful for these purposes – just ask me for it.  In Chinese Medicine, this is called Daling, it clarifies the heart and calms the spirit. P7 works with harmonizing the Stomach Meridian, too.

Point H7 works with eliminating insomnia and nightmares, palpations and loss of voice, as well as many other problems. This point is on the inside of the wrist near the little finger, and is called Spirits Door or in Chinese, “Shenmen.”

TW5 or Outer Gate, Waiguan in Chinese, works with protecting the Wei Qi or defensive Qi. I use this if I feel a wind-cold is affecting you. This one is in the back of your arm, just a few fingers up from your wrist.

A common point on the face near the ear is SI 19, Palace of Hearing or Tinggong. Treatment in this area is used for earaches, tinnitus and hearing problems.

You can rub these points if you show any of the symptoms – it is your body, so rub it! These meridians work with so many problems. I include one of these meridians and acupuncture points in each treatment.