Like so many others who suffer from fibromyalgia, I have searched for help via every avenue offered throughout conventional Western medicine. Searching and researching, in hopes to obtaining relief from the chronic and oftentimes debilitating symptoms, I heard about the services provided by Debra Pardee Gaffney, whom her associates, friends, other clients and I refer to as Rusty. At that time I was dysfunctional, depressed and drugged.
At age 67, in March 2001, I had my first appointment with Rusty. After computerized diagnostic testing of things that my body (immune system) was allergic or sensitive to, she identified them and began allergy elimination treatments. Via acupuncture, my nervous system was reprogrammed to stop identifying (reacting to) certain substances as allergies. What an amazing experience!
Subsequently I became very confident in this “new” method of treatment. Pain began to subside. With relief of pain, and management of stress my muscles began to relax, I am remarkably improved. I might add that I know of one friend and three close relatives who have been treated by Rusty. I was referred the others. To my knowledge, we are all still receiving treatment from Rusty for our needs and each of us has our own story to tell.
Because of Rusty’s knowledge and her expertise in administering the treatments, I have regained a long-lost sense of well-being and hopefulness. My body (immune system) is becoming well balanced because of the complementary treatments I have tried to describe. Along with taking Chinese herbs and natural “Rescue” remedies, plus receiving lifestyle and nutritional counseling, my total health has changed dramatically.
Perhaps a description of fibromyalgia will help you understand my gratefulness to Rusty. The condition is a chronic disorder characterized by long-term and widespread achy pain, multiple tender points and stiffness in muscles, tendons and ligaments. Fatigue, headaches, numbness and an out-of-balance immune system are other common symptoms. Physical and mental stress, depression and inadequate sleep trigger the symptoms. The cause is unknown and there is no known cure.
Close to “no known cure”, however, is the relief of pain and anxiety, which accompanies my particular condition. It has been an unwelcome (and unwanted) part of my life for close to forty years. It is difficult to be on addictive drugs and worse yet, to feel no different except for the side effects.
From experience I can tell you that this form of acupuncture works! Throughout my treatments I have been in a more relaxed state of mind, my pains have decreased, my energy level has increased and my over-all state of health and quality-of-life has greatly improved.
Lastly, I am totally convinced that you also could reap the benefits I have received. If you have an illness or ailment of any kind, at any age, I highly recommend that you travel this “age-old” road to brand new health. Respectfully, M.S.