Winter is the Kidney & Bladder Meridian Season

It’s the season for Kidney and Bladder Meridians!


Tis the Season!

Yes, I know this year seems to be flying by! There is actually a neurological event in our brains that cause it to seem so as we “get older” and that is anyone older than 21. Through the past year you have read in my articles that each season governs a couple of meridians. Winter takes extra care of the Kidney & Bladder Meridians. These Meridians do much more than just Kidney and Bladder “stuff”. They take care of the spine, ears, head hair, brain, reproduction/sex, joints, knees and feet. Their acupuncture points go up the leg from the bottom of the foot, up the tummy and chest to underneath the collar bone. The Bladder Meridian starts at the eye and goes up over the head, down along the spine, back of the leg to the outside of the foot by the little toe. That last Acupoint is famous for turning a “breech baby”.

You can help your health and problems with the above functions by rubbing your feet. Start at the bottom up around the ankle bones, move to the inside ankle bone. Rubbing along your spine and on your head to the eyebrows will help the Bladder Meridian. Rub your foot for about one minute and move to the next foot. You can’t do it wrong or miss the points – there are many Acupoints on the feet. For low back pain or kidney bladder problems: sit on a chair and rub your low back up and down for a minute.

Foods to help your Bladder Meridian are: grapes, pears, strawberries, watermelon, celery, eggplants, chives, raspberries, water chestnuts, green beans, walnuts, carrots, lettuce and onions.

Foods to help your Kidney Meridian are: black sesame seeds, celery, chives, clams, caraway seeds, dill, plums, pork, string beans, tangerines, walnuts. For kidney stones eat star fruits and walnuts; for kidney weakness eat kidney beans and sweet potatoes.

Foods for the Winter Season are: artichokes, barley, clams, crabs, millet, oysters and seaweed. If you are on a restricted diet and cannot eat one of the above foods – don’t.

The emotions for the season are fear and anxiety. Remember to breathe – in deeply, hold for the count of 4, exhale deeply and repeat 4 times. Try to work up to a count of 7, 14, and then 32. Ask for my help when you come in for your Kidney & Bladder Meridian tune up. The ancient Asian doctors recommended it thousands of years ago.

Enjoy the season and each other. Be kinder to strangers and people you come upon daily. This season can bring back sad or unhappy memories so spread some cheer! Even just a smile to someone can spread happy feelings throughout the day – that’s also a scientific fact.


Sending you my wishes for the best holiday season yet!

Most fondly, Dr. Rusty


Christmas Gifts

This week I was reminded of a story I dearly loved as a child – “The Gift of the Maggi”. It was about a couple that did not have enough money to buy each other a gift. Most of us can buy gifts – many have to cut back and too many don’t even have enough to eat on a daily basis. Since most of us are buying a gift for at least one person – how about shopping locally. Use our town shops and businesses. We have darling stores downtown. Especially our newest one, Funky Trunk Treasures right at the corner of Woodland and New York (my books are for sale there). Shopping locally helps our local economy and the gift itself means more to get giftee. The list is endless – a gift certificate to a local restaurant – even for a light meal or coffee, a haircut at their favorite salon or barber shop, a manicure, having their car washed. If you are the handy type, you could give the gift of a repair. I know many elderly people who would appreciate someone changing their light bulbs and batteries in their clocks & smoke alarm. Promise to pick up groceries or take them to doctors. How about filling their car up with gas, or checking their tires? I know local computer instructors and repair people who would love extra business. And any woman would love to have her house cleaned by someone – even one time! Cooking for a busy mom, and if you are a busy mom, cook two casseroles or meatloaf and give one away. Everyone has their favorite recipe; make it and share it. Have your family come up with creative ideas as you drive through town and remember to use local! We can help each other and start our New Year off right. Wishing you all the happiest of holiday seasons!



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Debra Gaffney, A.P., C.C.P.A., D.O.M. is a healer in the true sense of the word. Her foundation is in Oriental medicine, including acupuncture and herbology. Upon that base she built a healing practice that incorporates her extensive experience with nutrition, homeopathy, and other natural health-supporting approaches. Debra is relentless in her pursuit of knowledge in health and the healing arts.




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