Books by Dr. Gaffney

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Keys to a Vibrantly Healthy, Long Life

book2A unique view of health, acupuncture and much more.

For people interested in health-producing and longevity-promoting practices, this book is essential. Debra Gaffney, an Acupuncture Physician for over twelve years, presents a fascinating, substantial, and clear view of many key health and healing modalities. She explains what they are, how and why they work, and how they all might fit in when you pursue a course of treatment with an acupuncturist.

No matter how much you may have read about health and healing, especially alternative and natural approaches, Keys to a Vibrantly Healthy, Long Life will add to your knowledge and give you insight on how to approach your specific health objectives. It is one of those rare books you will keep nearby and refer to often.

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Sensitivities: The Subtle Cause of Suffering, the Hidden Cause of Illness

IMG_7818Have you been experiencing anything less than vibrant health? Do you have a condition that, up to now, has been hopeless?

This book will help you gain hope so you can take control of your healing and health once again. In clear, every language, and with fascinating personal stories, Debra Gaffney describes her unique approach to eliminating the cause of many debilitating and life-shattering illnesses. She clearly explains what she does to support a level of success in healing and health maintenance other treatments may not have been able to handle. What’s more, Debra Gaffney tells us why things are done so we need never wonder, worry or have a concern at any phase of each person’s specialized treatment.

From gaining the comfort of understanding how these procedures work to knowing what’s going on at any time in your healing process, this engaging book will help you build a solid foundation for getting back to enjoying life more and fully…and staying there.

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