We’ve seen success story after success story at our clinic. Below are some words from a few of our patients, and even more are listed in our blog.

If you’d like to submit your story, we’d love to hear from you. Please complete this form and email it to debra@acudebra.com or bring it with you to your next appointment. Your story can change another’s life for the better.

“After undergoing brain surgery for a tumor, my eye sight was compromised due to inflammation of my optic nerve. The surgeon had no recommendations for me other than ‘wait and see.’ My eyes were working independently of each other, so it was blurry and I could not read or drive; depth perception was an issue as well.

“After discussing this with Dr. Rusty, she encouraged me to try acupuncture. After two sessions, my eyes aligned and I was seeing perfectly. I can now drive and read. What a huge improvement in my life. She has also helped me with side effects from the chemo therapy. Using complementary medicine along with traditional protocol is bringing me back to the person I was before, in just a matter of two months since surgery.” – Beth

“Ten years ago, I was desperate to find a cure for my son’s allergies and asthma. We had done the traditional allergy testing at the doctor’s office, and he was put on daily allergy medication, had to use albuterol frequently and nasal sprays for prevention, and he was only 10 years old. He had dark circles under his eyes and wheezed and coughed all the time. My aunt had told me about Dr. Rusty and how acupuncture could help relieve and even cure allergies. I was very skeptical, but I thought, “What do we have to lose?”  We made the long drive to DeLand and, boy, was it worth it!  After one treatment Zach came home and picked up one of our cats and nothing happened (Zach was treated for cats at this appointment). No wheezing, no coughing, no itching…nothing. I knew right then that we would be continuing the treatments until all of his symptoms were gone.  10 years later, Zach is still medicine-free and allergy-free. Acupuncture really works, and I thank Dr. Rusty for her expertise in this field. Now my third child is starting with the treatments and I look forward to the day when she is allergy-free, too.” – Anonymous

“When I first saw Debra Gaffney, my bowels were not moving at all, I was bloated and very weak, to the point it took a lot for me to move. She started doing acupuncture with some success, but not to the level that she nor I would have liked for it to be. During a session I was having on a Friday, she was telling me how excited she was to be going to a class for acupuncture. The following Monday she applied what she had learned about Electric Acupuncture (EA) on me. There was no pain associated with this, just a slight tingle, and within two hours after my session, I had a bowel movement. The next Friday she applied the EA treatment again. This time I had better success than the first. I have also had an increase in my energy level and the bloating has gone down. The EA technique has done so much for me that I would highly recommend it to anyone that has IBS with constipation, or any type of bowel problems. So thank you, Dr. Rusty, for your willingness to learn and to share your knowledge to help others.” – Anonymous

“There are no words to express how grateful we are to Dr. Rusty, not only she is treating me, but she also offered to help my special-needs son. He is terrified of doctor’s offices and already on the second visit he wanted to come inside and be treated by Dr. Rusty. Thank you for making a difference in my family!” – Linda López-Cordero 

“Rusty is amazing. I have referred countless people to her who have all had extraordinary results. I don’t quite understand how it works but I recommend her to everyone. :)” – Jamie Mathews

“My husband and I had fantastic experiences at Volusia Center for Complementary Medicine. Everyone there is so friendly and helpful. Doc was great at alleviating our pain in a very short amount of time. Should I need to, I will definitely go back for treatment. I highly recommend both Doc and Rusty.” – Barbara Mattiace

“I love Dr. Rusty and the staff there. The treatment I have received is above all expectations. It was she who figured out I had gluten intolerance. I am much healthier now!” – Jean Boyer

“Dr. Rusty has folks that come from other states for a series of intensive treatments. My 80-year-old sister did and plans on coming back again.” – Marge Clauser

“Oh yes! Dr. Rusty has not only helped to restore my health, but I stay healthy. I now have true energy, a clear mind and my Fibromyalgia…I am now free of pain. I had allergies to everything. I used to carry an epi-pen for insect bites and also an inhaler for asthma all the time…No longer. When I am sick…Dr. Gaffney’s staff makes sure they fit me in. She always makes the time for her patients. While others are suffering from the oak and pine pollen, I am breathing free and clear. I was bit by two wasps today, used her sting gel, pain was gone in a matter of moments and the swelling is almost all but gone after five minutes. You owe it to yourself to live pain free and healthy. She can fix it!” – Jean Boyer

“I thought I would have to live with hot flashes the rest of my life and Dr. Rusty has pretty much eliminated them. Still have one occasionally, but not as severe.” – Jane Kramer 

“Dr. Rusty has changed my life for the better, and Doc has been a real pain reliever. Two wonderful people surrounded by a caring staff. They have made my life a blessing.” – Diane Gordon Weilheimer 

“Love Dr. Rusty Gaffney and her staff. I am so grateful for the complete turn-around in my health. In six months of treatment and collaboration, I am free of the debilitating pain of fibromyalgia!” – Marge Clauser 

“Dr. Rusty helped me through some very serious health issues during the past two years. I consider her my primary care physician, and don’t know what I would have done without her expert care! She is very knowledgeable and she gets results!” – Nan White Peacock Cogle