I have been allergic to cats all my life. Within ten minutes of entering a home with a cat, I would start with itchy eyes and throat, runny nose and sneezing. It was as if I had a full blown cold. I became aware of acupuncture as a possible cure. I must admit I was skeptical but felt it was worth a try. I felt I was sure a candidate for a possible cure.

After 2 treatments, I was headed to my son’s house where Tasker (a cat) resided. Usually before arriving at my son Jim’s house I would start allergy medication and they would keep the cat in the basement during my stay. I always hated taking the allergy medication because it made me feel drowsy and usually wore off a couple hours before I could take another dose.

Still skeptical, I entered Jim’s house and as soon as I sat down Tasker came and sat on my lap. My first instinct was to shoo him off, but I said “well this will be a good test, it will be either a cure or I’ll be a basket case”. Honestly, it was a cure!! I had a wonderful week and enjoyed holding and petting Tasker, something I never could do before.

C. O.

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Dear Rusty,
I waited so long since my return from Belgium to inform you – to my greatest pleasure – about my “allergies with dogs”.

Just before leaving for Belgium last June, you treated me one more time for this problem I’m living with almost my entire life: “Staying away from dogs” to avoid asthma attacks and puffy eyes, a real misery.

Well, this time: to my astonishment I didn’t get any negative reaction, moreover – I forgot my Zyrtec – and didn’t take anything.

My two daughters over there have both dogs and cats, well, I pet them, played with them – UNBELIEVABLE! My daughters couldn’t believe their eyes, the first time they could keep their dogs inside, in the same room as me. And, one of the little dogs became my beloved pet and friend with whom I Skype every week.

This story to say: THANK YOU, because for years now, you tried to help and something wouldn’t let go, until your last treatment in June2011; date to remember!

I feel so much better, more secure to go visiting friends with dogs. The bottom line: never give up, and it will happen! It did.

Merci beaucoup, Rusty you are a wonderful healer. Nicole Dumond, September 18, 2011

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