We treat a lot of knee, hip and back pain in our clinic.

People try over-the-counter drugs or prescription drugs for pain, usually with no or little relief. So, if you are suffering from knee, hip and back pain, be sure you have not torn anything by checking with your Chiropractic Physician or Medical Doctor first.

Then, consider engaging in some simple stretching exercise you can perform daily to help prevent these pains. For a video go of ideal stretches, visit www.Mercola.com and look up “Knee Pain.” This site is full of useful information on the subject…and many more!

Next, come see us for Acupuncture. The average course of treatment is 6-8 visits. Acupuncture works!

Finally, eliminating ALL grains has a BIG impact, too. Learn more about grain-free living at www.drperlmutter.com.

— Dr. Rusty

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A few years ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a statement regarding prescription painkillers (for further information and verification visit their website. This information is still important as we see patients everyday taking the medicines but are still in pain.

The warning that’s linked above states that prescription painkiller overdoses are at epidemic levels and kill more Americans than heroin and cocaine combined. The death toll from overdoses of prescription medicines has more than tripled in the last decade. Everyday, more than three dozen people die from the prescribed painkillers, including hydrocodone, oxycodone, oxymorphone and methadone.

I understand how living with chronic pain can be debilitating and depleting on all levels of life. With the use of Acupuncture, our clinic we has helped many people become pain free. I never take a patient off of their medications because I am not a medical doctor, but I can work with your physician to help reduce or eliminate dependency on pain medications.

The treatments usually take about eight visits (around two months, sometimes less). In that time, your quality of life will be greatly improved. Acupuncture offers an alternative to support healing without an ongoing dependency on prescription painkillers. If you or a loved one has a challenge with chronic pain, please ask us…we can help.

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We treat lots of knee, hip and back pain in our clinic. People try over-the-counter drugs or prescription drugs for pain, usually with no or little relief. Be sure you have not torn anything by checking with your Chiropractic Physician or Medical Doctor.

There are simple stretching exercise to do daily to help prevent these pains. For a video, go to www.Mercola.com and look up “Knee Pain.” This site had lots of good information. And come see us for Acupuncture, too. Six to eight visits is the average course of treatment.

Eliminating all grains has a BIG impact, too. My dear friend Lauren tried it and found amazing benefits in many areas of her life.



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The ending of 2014 did not go well for me. My entire body was in constant pain, I had carpel tunnel in my left hand. (And, I should mention that at the age of 3 , I was diagnosed with polio in my left leg that left me with a limp and a drop foot.)

Not long ago, my doctor diagnosed me with a pinched nerve in that leg, and suggested an MRI. The MRI showed severe carpel tunnel and arthritis throughout my entire body. I corrected the pinched nerve with stretch exercises, and was given prescriptions for a muscle relaxer and a pain pill but, there was still the matter of severe pain in my body. About seven years ago I injured my back and had to use a cane to get around. After my back healed, it was easier for me to continue using the cane. The pinched nerve in my leg forced me to use a walker and the dread of a wheelchair in my future was depressing. For at least six months, I could only shuffle my feet and trying to find a comfortable position in a chair or bed resulted in pain.

My husband and I were active seniors (I am 83 years old), and suddenly found ourselves house-bound most of the time. One day, my daughter mentioned a co-worker made an appointment with an acupuncture physician and had excellent results. Having nothing to lose, I called Dr. Debra Gaffney’s office. After the first treatment, I was told I was fixable, which was music to my ears.

I recently had my 10th treatment, then every three months I will go back for one treatment to keep things working.

Today, I no longer need a walker, my fingers are flexible and, thanks to Dr. Gaffney, I am no longer on prescribed medications. Without her treatments, I would still be housebound and living on painkillers. My husband, who suffers from vertigo and a cough due to acid reflux , saw my results and is now a patient, too.

We are both grateful for the TLC Dr. Gaffney gives us, and also for her wonderful staff who are always pleasant and willing to give a helping hand.

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ONE STEP CLOSER TO INSURANCE COVERAGE — I read in ACUPUNCTURE TODAY that in November, the Joint Commission (the principal accrediting agency for health care organizations) is working on improving the access to integrative care (acupuncture is one of them) throughout the United States. They are elevated the potential values of “non-pharmacologic” approaches. This means we are one step closer to insurance coverage for all.ACUPUNCTURE FOR PAIN AND SLEEP — My favorite website, www.HealthCMI.com, reported in November that acupuncture increases u-opioid receptors ( the “feel good” chemicals I talk about) involved in the reduction of referred pain. Acupuncture relieves Fibromyalgia pain and helps sleep, too. 

ANATOMICAL STRUCTURES OF ACUPUNCTURE POINTS — A recent study at a Japanese University that featured a specialized CT scan showed acupuncture points have anatomical structures. There are real distinctions between acupuncture points and non-acupuncture points. Acupuncture points have microvascular structures and can be seen around thick blood vessels. This is very exciting news! The study documented that acupuncture reduces pain, autonomic nervous system dysfunction and mental illness in Parkinson patients. 

SUGAR 101 — Finally. let’s talk about sugar consumption. According to Dr. Robert Lustig, Professor of Pediatric Endocrinology at the University of California, San Francisco, sugar acts as a chronic, dose-dependent liver toxin (poison) when consumed in excess. We consume more than 20 times of sugar than or ancestors did! It is in almost every processed food on the market, and one of the labels it comes under is “high fructose corn syrup,” among others. For the average person there is a daily consumption of about 20 teaspoons a day. Kids are at a greater risk. Eating whole foods, not processed foods, is the best diet. Eating less sugare CAN be done, even in the typical busy lives we lead. I can help with ideas and menus if you need them! Remember: Fruit is a sugar also, and try not to consumer more than 15-25 grams of fructose a day. Check out the list on my website.

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I’m writing this testimonial for the wonderful care I’ve been given by my Acupuncture Physician, Dr. Debra Gaffney.

I have suffered with back and neck pain for several years. I spend a lot of time on the road and in my automobile inspecting job sites and on-going work as Project Manager for a company based here in Central Florida. I average about 150 miles per day in my automobile. I’m sure the travel, sitting, and type of daily activities I do has contributed to my problem.

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