We treat a lot of knee, hip and back pain in our clinic.

People try over-the-counter drugs or prescription drugs for pain, usually with no or little relief. So, if you are suffering from knee, hip and back pain, be sure you have not torn anything by checking with your Chiropractic Physician or Medical Doctor first.

Then, consider engaging in some simple stretching exercise you can perform daily to help prevent these pains. For a video go of ideal stretches, visit www.Mercola.com and look up “Knee Pain.” This site is full of useful information on the subject…and many more!

Next, come see us for Acupuncture. The average course of treatment is 6-8 visits. Acupuncture works!

Finally, eliminating ALL grains has a BIG impact, too. Learn more about grain-free living at www.drperlmutter.com.

— Dr. Rusty

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Summertime Recipe: Quinoa (keen wa) Tabbouleh

This is one of my favorite summer salads. Quinoa is a seed, though it looks, acts and tastes like a grain.

2 cups of water to 1 cup of quinoa. Boil as directred.

During boiling, chop 2 tomatoes, 1 bunch of parsley, 1 onion, 1 cucumber.

Add chopped veggies above to cooked quinoa.

Pour ¼ cup of olive oil and juice from 1 or 2 lemons (or limes). Add Himalayan sea salt to taste. Refrigerate and enjoy.

Did you know? Himalayan sea salt seems to be the best salt on the market right now, and has more than 80 minerals in it! You can purchase it at health food or grocery stores. For its part, quinoa is a complete protein and can be used in place of meat, eggs, nuts or beans.


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I still feel the “No Grain” meal plan is the best; have you tried it? Doc and I have seen amazing results for more than 5 years. There’s a transition time; you may not be able to go “cold turkey,” but try it! The No Grain diet meal plan really works. Limit or eliminate grains even for at least three weeks.

The benefits? Join pain disappears. People have lost anywhere from 9 to 25 pounds in four months. You’ll sleep better and have improved memory. It’s easy to do the transition if you are willing to do it.

Doc told someone he lost 15 pounds a couple of years ago and did not know why! I forgot to mention to him we were eliminating grains! Two years later, we are both slimmer.

Learn more about the no-grain diet here.

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Essential Oils: Dr. Mercola

This week on Dr. Mercola’s site (www.mercola.com), he has information on essential oils. More people have been asking me about them recently. I love essential oils! I use them as room fresheners here in the clinic and at home. In fact, we will have a new batch for sale in the office soon. They are safe and can be beneficial for health conditions. The can help you fall asleep (lavender) and perk you up (jasmine).

I have been making a formula for people with eye problems to rub on their face. If you want to do the same, buy quality oils (I like Young Living Essential Oils, for example). I mix them with organic sweet almond oil (you can purchase that at our local health markets). And, you can buy diffusers and use them to freshen up your home and office safely! Other fragrances you can buy can be harmful and not natural (candles, sprays, etc.).

Dr. Perlmutter: Sugar and Grains

Dr. Perlmutter (www.drperlmutter.com) writes about research that explains sugar and grain’s effect on the brain, and how they lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.* He advises to eliminate grains, sugars and processed foods…and get exercise!

These simple lifestyle changes can help you live a healthy, longer life. They will save you and your family from heartache, too. We are a sick nation. Today’s generation of children will not live as long as their parents. That is a tragic first for our country.

One of the first steps is getting up and away from the television and computer. Remember when we only had three televisions stations to watch at night and no computers? We played and so did our parents! Or, at least they cleaned house and did yard work. Most of the problems we see in our clinic are due three things: 1) drug side-effects when drugs are given to people with preventable health issues; 3) weight problems and 3) lack of exercise. So, PLEASE, take responsibility for YOUR health and life. We can help you start. There is even an Acupuncture point for willpower, and I know where it is!

(*His views on this are not embraced by the medical profession.)

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One of my favorite summer salads is Quinoa (pron. “keen wa”) Tabouli. Quinoa is not a grain, but a seed (thought it looks, acts and tastes like a grain!)

2 cups of water to 1 cup of quinoa – boil as directed on the package ( about 15 minutes).

During this time chop 2 tomatoes, 1 bunch of parsley, 1 onion, 1 cucumber.

Add to cooked quinoa.

Pour 1/4 cup of olive oil and juice of 1 lemon ( or 2).

Refrigerate till you are ready to eat.

Quinoa is a complete protein and can be used in place of meat, eggs, nuts or beans.

For more great recipes, look here.

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In Oriental Medicine, each Meridian has a season that represents a changing of where a different set of Meridians are active. Spring is the season for the Liver and Gall Bladder Meridians; they care for the organs of liver and gall bladder as well as the eyes, blood, tendons and ligaments, and feelings such as anger, frustration and courage.

The Liver Meridian. A stagnated Liver Meridian can lead to headaches, migraines, constipation and a bitter taste. Sour is the flavor for spring, so to alleviate this experience, try adding some lemons, pears, apples, grapefruit, kiwi, mandarin orange, olives, pineapple, strawberries, tangerines and tomatoes to your meal plan. (Read more about this in my article about organic food.)

Blood Stagnation and the Liver Meridian. The Liver Meridian can be responsible for Qi and Blood Stagnation — and these can be the cause of a variety of pains. Acupuncture helps relieve the stagnation. To help your body heal from pain, include chestnuts, chili peppers, chives, crabs, onions, mustard leaves, peaches and vinegar in your diet.

Blood deficiency and foods that help. Blood Deficiency needs tonics to build us up, and Blood Deficiency may leave a person pale, weak, dizzy and tired. Has anyone said you are anemic? After childbirth or surgery, one can develop a blood deficiency. Eating adzuki beans, apricots, beef, beets, eggs, dark leafy greens, figs, grapes, kidney beans, parsley, sardines and watercress helps build up your blood.

The Liver Meridian and our eyes. The Liver Meridian works with our eyes. Foods that help this are cucumbers, tofu, water chestnuts and chicken.

It’s time to detox. Simple detox procedures are always good for the body in the spring, since this time of the year represents new growth and releasing the old. Black sesame seeds, celery, chives, clams, crabs, peppermint, plums, saffron, chicory, vinegar and wine help with a detox and support the Liver and Gall Bladder Meridians.

One of my favorite detox foods is beets. I eat one every day in the spring. Also, I recommend Dr. Perlmutter’s book, Grain Brain. We are seeing incredible, yes, incredible changes in our patients who are following his recommendations.

How much fruit should you eat this season? I recommend only one serving of fruit a day; keep it under 15 grams of fructose. (See my list.) Be sure to eat enough protein – especially eggs, chicken, clams and crabs every day.

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51lPZw1WaOL__SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Winter is the season for the Kidney and Blatter meridians. Foods you can eat to replenish your Kidney and Bladder Meridian, and a Yin Tonic for winter, are apples, asparagus, eggs, clams, kidney beans, walnuts, yams, lemons, tomatoes, dill, green beans and plums.

Remember to eat six servings of protein a day (nuts, eggs, cheese, lean beef, fish, chicken and legumes/ beans). A serving is 14 nuts, 1 egg or a piece of meat the size of your hand. Beans can go into almost every recipe and ½ cup is a serving.

Avocados are showing up in the stores and at a great price thsi season, too. It is a wonderful source of heart- and brain-healthy monosaturated fat, and is low in fructose.  It also regulates blood sugar levels.

Besides fiber, avocados have nearly 20 essential health–boosting nutrients, according to Dr. Mercola’s recent report. (I love him and Dr. Perlmutter!) You can use it as a avocado as a replacement in baking – use equal amounts. I have eaten a wonderful chocolate pudding made with avocado; you’d never know it was in there.  They also are rated low on the pesticide application, so you can buy regular and save your organic food dollars for strawberries!

I still feel the “No Grain” meal plan is the best. (We now have the cookbook available at our center).  We have seen amazing results in people who follow the No Grain meal plan. There is a transition time to accomplish it, so you may not be best suited to go “cold turkey”.  Don’t get discouraged — TRY IT. It really is worth it.  You get started by limiting or eliminate all grains from your diet, even for just three weeks. This has been the best meal plan I have seen.  We’ve been recommending it for more than four years now.

The best “side effect” of the no grain meal plan is the disappearance of joint pain. And, weight loss! People ont he plan have lost anywhere from nine to 25 lbs in four months. On the plan, we sleep better and our memories improve.  It’s easy to do the transition if you are WILLING to do it.  Doc told someone he lost 15 lbs last year and did not know why – I forgot to mention to him we were eliminating grains! And one year later, we both are still slimmer.

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I51lPZw1WaOL__SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ recommend the “No Grain” diet for optimal energy and health, and I recommend it for three weeks at a time.

You can start now and in three weeks when Thanksgiving comes, eat a moderate amount of your favorite things. Then, resume the “No Grains” diet December 1, and by Christmas you can add grains.  (By now you will find your carb cravings are a lot less.)

Start again on January 2nd, and after three weeks, pay attention to how you feel without the grains – many people have less pain and lose weight with more energy. Start enjoying the No Grain diet. You may never go back to your old eating habits again!

For more information go to  www.drperlmutter.com or read his bestselling book, “Grain Brain.” Dr. Mutter also has a new cookbook for sale; we have both in our office available for purchase. I promise you, the “Grain Brain” way of eating will change your life!

To help you prevent or relieve symptoms we have many high-quality supplements available in our clinic, too. (See this post for details). Anytime, you may email me at debra@acudebra.com or call us at 386-734-4126 to make a plan to schedule your tune up, too.

The “No Grain” Daily Food List

  • Eat 6 servings of the following: chicken, tuna, fish, and eggs (1-2), beef, nuts (14), cheese (1 oz) and 1 cup of beans for fiber and a sense of fullness.
  • Eat 7-9 servings of veggies a day (lettuce can be eaten but not counted).   Use lemon, olive oil and or vinegar for your dressing. Try kale in your salad or “ recipe on our website.
  • Use lots of herbs & spices but limit salt. Only 1 piece of fruit a day but no juice unless it is a veggie /tomato juice.
  • DO NOT EAT cereals, grains, bread, pasta,macatoni crackers, rice, oatmeal, cakes, and cookies.
  • You can eat little red potatoes but only 1 serving 3 times a week – sweet potatoes are great and you can eat 1 a day.  Drink plenty of water.  If you are used to drinking milk – only 8 oz a day.  Try Almond Milk – the vanilla flavored 30 calorie one is very popular.  Limit coffee and tea – try green and herbal teas.
  • No soy products.


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