On 19 February, 2008, I was stopped at a traffic light at Granada and Clyde Morris in Ormond Beach, Florida. My car was “rear-ended” by a vehicle following me. The force of the collision thrust my car into the intersection. I remember hearing the crash and then finding my car in the intersection. I can only assume that I lost consciousness for a few seconds because I have no recollection of the move into the intersection. What follows is my “stream-of-consciousness” reconstruction of events in the best manner that my faulty octogenarian’s memory and checking my calendar and date book allows.

When I attempted the exit of my car, I found that I could not move my legs. The strength of my feet and legs was tested several times that day, and by early evening, some strength had returned and I was able to resist the testing pressure. I spent the night at Halifax Medical Center and about 8:00 am was escorted for a walk, using a walker. My legs responded to my commands and by the time my escort and I had traversed the length and width of the hallway and back, I was walking without the assistance or aid of the walker. I was released to home about 5:00 pm when my wife and daughter drove me home. I was a little sore and did ache. However, these aches subsided over the next few days.

Late June or early July, 2008,

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