From Dr. Rusty:

I found more great information on Dr. Mercola’s website this week, and wanted to share.

We all need to be careful what we read on the internet and what we decide to believe. I check out lots of sites weekly. The first thing I do is check for the sources and references. That’s how we can tell if the information is correct, and not being bought by some company to push their ideas and products.

My favorite articles that I would really, really like you to read are on 2/10, 2/22 and 2/28.

In February, Dr. Mercola posted articles that reveal the truth about two false bits of information that have been floating around the country since the 60s! One is Cholesterol and the other is Chiropractic. The proof (as if we ever needed “proof”) that they are wonderful, vitally important and safe.

  • Eggs are good for us – of course they are – Mother Nature does not make bad things. Some companies decided 50 years ago that eggs and cholesterol were bad for us. Diet restrictions were placed then came the drugs. Health did not get better, it got worse.
  • Chiropractic has been around for thousands of years. AS we know it – over 100 years. Chiropractic Physicians are REAL doctors, too. They have the education, state boards and government guidelines as MDs & DOs. And, chiropractic really works. I started in Chiropractic at age 20, and it saved me from major nerve surgery. My MD told me that I would be out of pain, but would lose use of my arm to some unknown degree. Fast forward many years – I would not have been working in the field (Chiropractic Physician Assistant) and then on to becoming an Acupuncture Physician. What a waste that would have been!

The most important point here – please check out your sources and references. What is the motive for the information? Know the side effects, are they good or bad? Can changing your life style a bit change your health? You bet it can. And we can help!

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The staff at the Volusia Center for Complementary Medicine in DeLand is pleased to welcome chiropractic physician, Susan Vigo to their office. Vigo is a graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College in Port Orange and has previously worked as an associate in New Smyrna before coming to DeLand. Her chiropractic interests include nutritional counseling and neurology. She believes that blending these with chiropractic only strengthens the body/mind connection.

“Being able to practice close to home and inspire people in this community about wellness and how chiropractic can help the body and mind function as a complete unit is what I am is striving for,” says Vigo, who notes that she views each person as an individual and as such will tailor each treatment plan according to each person’s specific need. Vigo sees all ages of patients ranging from infants to geriatrics.

“I’m also certified in the Webster technique, which is a specific chiropractic sacral analysis and diversified adjustment. The goal of the adjustment is to reduce the effects of sacral and SI dysfunction in the pregnant woman,” she says.

Dr. Vigo moved to Volusia County in 1971 and has continued to call it home since her arrival. She and her husband have two beautiful girls, ages eight and sixteen. Location: 339 E New York Ave., DeLand.

Article courtesy of Natural Awakenings magazine, 

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Dr. John and I are welcoming Dr. Susan Vigo to the Center for Complementary Medicine.

Dr. Vigo is a Chiropractic Physician. She will be seeing patients when Doc is not in the clinic (Tues/Thurs) in addition to her regular hours (to be determined).

For the next two months, Dr. Vigo will be here to meet patients and become familiar with their conditions and history so there will be a smooth transition.

There will be an Open House here on at a later date, so stay tuned! Please stop by and meet her.

We all are impressed with her education, knowledge and skills.

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