We treat a lot of knee, hip and back pain in our clinic.

People try over-the-counter drugs or prescription drugs for pain, usually with no or little relief. So, if you are suffering from knee, hip and back pain, be sure you have not torn anything by checking with your Chiropractic Physician or Medical Doctor first.

Then, consider engaging in some simple stretching exercise you can perform daily to help prevent these pains. For a video go of ideal stretches, visit www.Mercola.com and look up “Knee Pain.” This site is full of useful information on the subject…and many more!

Next, come see us for Acupuncture. The average course of treatment is 6-8 visits. Acupuncture works!

Finally, eliminating ALL grains has a BIG impact, too. Learn more about grain-free living at www.drperlmutter.com.

— Dr. Rusty

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Foods to eat to replenish our Kidney and Bladder Meridian and a Yin Tonic for winter are: apples, asparagus, eggs, clams, kidney beans, walnuts, yams, lemons, tomatoes, dill, green beans and plums. Remember to eat six servings of protein a day (nuts, eggs, cheese, lean beef, fish, chicken and legumes/ beans). A serving is 14 nuts, one egg or a piece of meat the size of your hand. Beans can go into almost every recipe and a half-cup is a serving.

Avocados are in the stores and at great prices. Avocados are a wonderful source of heart and brain healthy monosaturated fat, and they’re low in fructose. It also regulates blood sugar levels. Besides fiber, it has almost 20 essential health-boosting nutrients. (Find lots more info on www.mercola.com and www.DrPerlmuter.com). You also can use avocado as a fat replacement in baking (use equal amounts as you would butter, etc.)

I have eaten amazing chocolate putting made with avocado…you’d never know it was in there! They’re also rated low on pesticide application. So, no need to buy organic avocados; save your $ for organic strawberries!

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The ending of 2014 did not go well for me. My entire body was in constant pain, I had carpel tunnel in my left hand. (And, I should mention that at the age of 3 , I was diagnosed with polio in my left leg that left me with a limp and a drop foot.)

Not long ago, my doctor diagnosed me with a pinched nerve in that leg, and suggested an MRI. The MRI showed severe carpel tunnel and arthritis throughout my entire body. I corrected the pinched nerve with stretch exercises, and was given prescriptions for a muscle relaxer and a pain pill but, there was still the matter of severe pain in my body. About seven years ago I injured my back and had to use a cane to get around. After my back healed, it was easier for me to continue using the cane. The pinched nerve in my leg forced me to use a walker and the dread of a wheelchair in my future was depressing. For at least six months, I could only shuffle my feet and trying to find a comfortable position in a chair or bed resulted in pain.

My husband and I were active seniors (I am 83 years old), and suddenly found ourselves house-bound most of the time. One day, my daughter mentioned a co-worker made an appointment with an acupuncture physician and had excellent results. Having nothing to lose, I called Dr. Debra Gaffney’s office. After the first treatment, I was told I was fixable, which was music to my ears.

I recently had my 10th treatment, then every three months I will go back for one treatment to keep things working.

Today, I no longer need a walker, my fingers are flexible and, thanks to Dr. Gaffney, I am no longer on prescribed medications. Without her treatments, I would still be housebound and living on painkillers. My husband, who suffers from vertigo and a cough due to acid reflux , saw my results and is now a patient, too.

We are both grateful for the TLC Dr. Gaffney gives us, and also for her wonderful staff who are always pleasant and willing to give a helping hand.

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Hi, Per your request I am sending you a written request of your acupuncture treatment of my old broken body. I put it in your hands after treating it so bad for the last 70 years.

Recently I have had terrible pain from an arthritic condition I was diagnosed with in the 8th grade. This condition was really aggravated after laying around for over two years recouping from multiple back surgeries. The pain was worse during wet weather conditions and I was ready to move far away from Florida. My daughter, Deborah, was getting good results from your treatment of her allergies and suggested I try it. After some consideration I decided to give it a go. My knowledge of acupuncture was “nada”.

On my initial visit you axed the “moving away from FL” and told me you could fix it. Everything I had heard from your previous results with different patients backed up your fit it claim.

When we started the acupuncture treatment not only was I in pain due to the arthritis but my whole body felt like I had the flu. Come to find out the medication I was taking for cholesterol was the culprit. I made the decision to stop the pill and along with the supplements you supplied the problem went away in about two weeks.

I don’t recall the number of treatments I have had but the results are as follows – lower arthritic back pain is gone. Severe hand pain is now very little. Sagging lower eye lid that was going to cost me big to fix is no longer sagging. All the sensitivities I had on the initial analysis is now cleared. All in all I feel like this was a successful effort on your part plus your charges were more than fair.

Thanks “Rusty”. Regards, T.L.

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Because my friend “C” had amazing results with Rusty Gaffney’s Acupuncture treatments she suggested I might benefit from them. I was having painful arthritis symptoms in my hands. I also had several lung problems but did not think Acupuncture could help. I was wrong. The treatments helped relieve the pain in my hands but sometimes I would come to my appointment very short of breath. After Rusty’s treatments I would be breathing normally again. Rusty is concerned about the whole body – not just your problem at hand.

W., September 2010

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