Summer Meridians

Summer is the only season that governs four meridians, while the other seasons have only two. The acupuncture points for these meridians are on the hands and arms. And as usual, these meridians connect with the others.

The Heart Meridian works with the blood vessels and moves the blood through them. An imbalance in this meridian can lead to excess warmth, insomnia, palpitations, nightmares, a skipping pulse, pain in the tongue, feverish feelings, restlessness and feeling vexed. (That’s when you just don’t know what is wrong, and you have some or all of the above symptoms.) The time of day for the Heart Meridian is 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

The Small Intestine Meridian works with elimination with the bowels in Western Medicine, and the Bladder in Asian Medicine (I know, it’s a strange interpretation.) This Meridian works from 1 – 3 p.m.

The Pericardium (the heart protector) and Triple Warmer meridians are real in their effects on health and wellness, too. The Pericardium protects the heart as it works with the emotions, and helps with hot flashes or the feeling of heat in the upper body. The Pericardium works from 7 – 9 p.m., and the Triple Warmer is active from 9 – 11 p.m.

The Triple Warmer works with coordinating all the water functions in the body and works with three “burners,” including the lung area on top; the stomach, which helps to churn food; and the lower burner, which works with elimination.

The Benefits of Organic Eating

Our family has been eating organic foods, belonging to Organic Co-ops and growing our own veggies before they were even called “organic.” To us, it was simply good food.

It is easier now for anybody to get organic veggies, fruit, eggs, meat, milk or anything else. If you’re interested, how should you get started?

Start out with promising to buy one new organic product per week. As you add one item each week, promise to buy fewer “grain” foods (bread, pasta), and fewer artificially sweetened, processed, sodas or junk foods.

In one year, you will be amazed at how healthy you are. And in case you’re wondering…your food bill likely will be the same! Ours was.

Local food stores are increasing the organics in response to our requests for more items and more variety. Try health food stores, join the local produce co-op.  At ours, visitors can arrive for a free tour on Saturday mornings. I found joining a co-op was very cost effective; we were not throwing out rotting veggies. We were eating them all! Co-ops like this also have classes to help you learn how to cook and prepare food in healthy ways.

Recently, I had four patients tell me they tried my plan and felt so much better in three weeks (Did you know it takes 21 days to make or break a habit?). One patient was thrilled with her results, in turn that thrilled me! Thank you, Amy, for letting me know how well you are doing.

— Dr. Rusty

Thyroid Problems & Teflon

It seems more and more women come in the clinic with thyroid problems as one of their primary health issues.

So many are still tired, can’t lose weight, have brittle hair and nails, constipation — the list goes on.

We have a checklist in our office that lists with 27 symptoms for thyroid issues. And at least one-half of the women who continue to suffer with these symptoms are on thyroid medications, too!

I was reading an article this week about the Teflon pans we have been using for years; about how ingredients in those pans may be one of the culprits. A similar article was posted on Dr. Mercola’s website, too.

As a family, we stopped using Teflon five years ago. Sure, it was easy cleanup the Teflon pots and pans, but chemicals in our food? Instead of those, we use more pure butter, coconut, olive and other oils to coat the pan. Oils are needed for our brain, joints, skin and hair anyway.

If you love your Teflon, consider using ceramic-coated pans instead. Use more oils in your cooking (like those I list above), and experience fewer health issues over the years. We have. Isn’t it worth a try?

— Dr. Rusty

Treatment for knee and back pain

We treat a lot of knee, hip and back pain in our clinic.

People try over-the-counter drugs or prescription drugs for pain, usually with no or little relief. So, if you are suffering from knee, hip and back pain, be sure you have not torn anything by checking with your Chiropractic Physician or Medical Doctor first.

Then, consider engaging in some simple stretching exercise you can perform daily to help prevent these pains. For a video go of ideal stretches, visit and look up “Knee Pain.” This site is full of useful information on the subject…and many more!

Next, come see us for Acupuncture. The average course of treatment is 6-8 visits. Acupuncture works!

Finally, eliminating ALL grains has a BIG impact, too. Learn more about grain-free living at

— Dr. Rusty

Late Summer Foods and Flavors

The flavor of Late Summer is sweet.

Of course, people love ice cream this time of year; but ice cream is damp in nature. It causes out blood sugar to drop during the night, so if you eat it, do so right after dinner not before bed. And, add nuts or eat a a protein with it (eggs, cheese, or meat).

The best foods for the next two months are barley, celery, clams, adzuki beans, garlic, green onions, green tea, horseradish, lettuce, mushrooms, parsley, pumpkin and radishes. Watercress is a very nutrient dense vegetable, too. Watercress has 17 nutrients, fiber, and protein, plus vitamins and minerals. We can get it in our local food stores, so look for it!

As with other fruits and vegetables, organic watercress is best if you can buy it. You can put it in your salad or gluten-free bread sandwiches. It can be used in a stir fry or soups, too.

Or, try cucumbers. Cucumbers are mostly water, so they have a cooling effect also. They have antioxidant flavonoids, B vitamins, and may help reduce inflammation.

Tomatoes also have flavonoids, too. One of them lycopene which helps the prostate (and there’s even more potent when  cooked as sauce or paste). Organic tomatoes contain much more Vitamin C that non-organic.

Another favorite this time of the year is watermelon. It is also anti-inflammatory, has nutrients (potassium, magnesium), Vitamin C, A and B6. All of these help with that wore out, vexed feeling which comes from dehydration. Watermelon has 46 calories per serving, but is high in sugar, so only eat a small amount.

My favorite vegetable is avocado. It is easy to get most of the year, and is very inexpensive. Purchasing non-organic is acceptable, due to avocado’s thick skin. (Pesticides and other chemicals cannot get to the fruit.) Eating only on-half of an avocado with your meal can make you feel more full, and 40% of those studied reported feeling less hungry three hours after the meal. Avocado may also help keep blood sugar levels from dropping.

Avocado does have fat, but it’s GOOD fat. This is essential for all humans, just as fish oil is. Studies have shown this good fat decreases serum total cholesterol, and it has little taste. I add hot sauce, lemon, mayo or salad dressing to my avocado. I also make guacamole, and include it in gluten-free sandwiches.

Incorporate avocados into your daily diet, and try to get seven servings of veggies a day, including two servings of low glycemic index fruits.

Have sinus congestion? Try horseradish. And, slicing a lemon, salting it and eating it quickly will dissolve phlegm, too.

What results are you expecting? — FEAR defined

Last month I told you I had heard the definition of FEAR, which was described to me as, “Fully Expecting Awful Results.” Boy, did that get attention! Thanks for reading my blog and emails.

As a result of that idea I shared, I  got wonderful positive words to change “awful” to a positive word. They suggested the word “awful” is changed to “awesome.” They were reading my mind!

Like Yin/Yang, negative and positive thoughts, things and events have equal space until they change. This ebb and flow continues constantly in everything — our bodies, the weather, our lives – everything! When we are in the middle of something we see as “negative,” our brain perceives real at the time. We can help ourselves through the bad times by with changing directions and making different decisions.

I have been a positive thinker since I was 23 years old (for a long time!). But, I learned many years ago that simply saying positive affirmations did not fully make situations disappear. My experience was that things were awful at that time. So, I decided to acknowledge that I was in a mess, and that it would be temporary and that things would get better. My brain accepted this better and I was able to come around quicker. In other words, I said aloud or to myself something that felt real, like: “I Am Fully Expecting Awful Results and I am fearful.” Then, once I gave myself permission to realize I was afraid, I was able to replace it with, I am Fully Expecting Awesome Results.” I repeat that as much as possible, and at times, I even write or type it over and over. 

Bad things do happen to good people…that’s life. Coping with bad things can be difficult. Some people turn to drugs, alcohol and food. But, I can tell you after 17 years in practice, after seeing more than  7,500 patients ,and inserting over 1 and a half million needles, drugs, alcohol and food DOES NOT WORK. A lot of my patients rely on prayer, and many mediate. Some exercise…and some do all three.

Talk to yourself in a positive way! We often talk so negatively to ourselves. We talk to ourselves in a way we’d NEVER talk to our loved ones! How about this month we all try to talk to ourselves as if we are the most important person in our lives. We must be! After all, we are always with ourselves.

Quinoa Salad

Summertime Recipe: Quinoa (keen wa) Tabbouleh

This is one of my favorite summer salads. Quinoa is a seed, though it looks, acts and tastes like a grain.

2 cups of water to 1 cup of quinoa. Boil as directred.

During boiling, chop 2 tomatoes, 1 bunch of parsley, 1 onion, 1 cucumber.

Add chopped veggies above to cooked quinoa.

Pour ¼ cup of olive oil and juice from 1 or 2 lemons (or limes). Add Himalayan sea salt to taste. Refrigerate and enjoy.

Did you know? Himalayan sea salt seems to be the best salt on the market right now, and has more than 80 minerals in it! You can purchase it at health food or grocery stores. For its part, quinoa is a complete protein and can be used in place of meat, eggs, nuts or beans.


First things first: Is that article telling you the truth?

From Dr. Rusty:

I found more great information on Dr. Mercola’s website this week, and wanted to share.

We all need to be careful what we read on the internet and what we decide to believe. I check out lots of sites weekly. The first thing I do is check for the sources and references. That’s how we can tell if the information is correct, and not being bought by some company to push their ideas and products.

My favorite articles that I would really, really like you to read are on 2/10, 2/22 and 2/28.

In February, Dr. Mercola posted articles that reveal the truth about two false bits of information that have been floating around the country since the 60s! One is Cholesterol and the other is Chiropractic. The proof (as if we ever needed “proof”) that they are wonderful, vitally important and safe.

  • Eggs are good for us – of course they are – Mother Nature does not make bad things. Some companies decided 50 years ago that eggs and cholesterol were bad for us. Diet restrictions were placed then came the drugs. Health did not get better, it got worse.
  • Chiropractic has been around for thousands of years. AS we know it – over 100 years. Chiropractic Physicians are REAL doctors, too. They have the education, state boards and government guidelines as MDs & DOs. And, chiropractic really works. I started in Chiropractic at age 20, and it saved me from major nerve surgery. My MD told me that I would be out of pain, but would lose use of my arm to some unknown degree. Fast forward many years – I would not have been working in the field (Chiropractic Physician Assistant) and then on to becoming an Acupuncture Physician. What a waste that would have been!

The most important point here – please check out your sources and references. What is the motive for the information? Know the side effects, are they good or bad? Can changing your life style a bit change your health? You bet it can. And we can help!

Organic food need not raise your food bill

From Dr. Rusty:

Dr. Mercola had a great article about organic foods and the truth on his website recently. ( is a great website, I recommend you reference it often!)

Doc and I are like everybody else, we have a food budget. I was concerned about the higher food costs but felt so strongly about eating organic foods. Four years ago, I started eliminating grains from our diet. We underwent a transition process. We stopped eating cereals first. That saved $4 a week; I substituted eggs (local or organic) with veggies and lean meat or cheese. We also use the FIT FOOD by Xymogen most days (available at our clinic).

We switched from cows milk to almond milk (same price). With the FIT FOOD (at 6:30 a.m.) we realized we were not experiencing a blood sugar slump around 10 a.m. (so no snack needed) and were barely ready for lunch at 12:30 p.m.

Each week, I stopped buying a veggie filled with pesticides/GMO processed, and bought an organic one. After a month, I noticed our food bill did not go up. I also noticed I was not throwing away veggies that were hard one day and then rotten two days later! The best thing was that the organic vegetables tasted much better. It took two years to continue this process. Still, our food bill is the same as it was five years ago. We are healthier, no joint pains and sleep better, too!

The best change we made was switching to organic butter – WOW – what a different taste!

Most of our organic food comes from the local stores and the DeLand Market. We belong to the Common Ground Farm co-op and that is the best place for the freshest food. They are signing people up for next year and their list fills up fast! Get in on this great place while you can.

XYMOGEN has earned prestigious certification

XYMOGEN, the Orlando-based health sciences company, has earned Australia’s prestigious certification from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), that country’s equivalent to the U.S. Federal Drug Administration.

TGA certification is internationally recognized for having one of the world’s most rigorous GMP audit processes in the dietary supplement industry, standards that are very similar to pharmaceutical-level GMP requirements. XYMOGEN’s team spent two years of intense work and dedication in order to earn the certification.

Specifically, according to TGA requirements, XYMOGEN had to demonstrate the strictest level of adherence to manufacturing and quality standards and practices. TGA requirements exceed those established by the FDA.

Learn more about XYMOGEN products at